appygas Offers a Unique Solution in Europe Making the Gas Trading Easy to Understand

One big challenge in energy trading is quick access to reliable data. European regulations have made this data public to everyone but it is still not easily processable. Units, formats, tariffs and regulations are not harmonized, making it tedious, especially for new market players, to get a full and correct market overview. Here is where appygas comes into play.

The information platform appygas was launched in February 2018 to respond to the need of traders for efficient and reliable access to gas market data. The appygas team has experience working in transmission systems as well as in trading and the reliability of data processing hinges on this knowledge.

The value proposition for the user is simple: appygas collects all relevant published data from more than 40 European sources, harmonizes and aggregates them according to a best newest data logic, and finally provides it on its web-platform with enhanced user experience and visualization.

The best example is the appygas Route Calculator, a unique service in Europe. Like a common navigator, users select a route from A to B across Europe, enter a gas volume and a time period and with just one click appygas calculates the transport fee for all possible routes, classified by price, capacity type and operator. Further information such as daily spreads or next transport capacity auctions are also displayed.

The other modules of appygas are built according to the same principle: making the gas market easy to understand. The flows and availability maps provide users with near real-time gas flows as well as maintenance schedules and updates. A daily dashboard delivers an extensive overview of the latest development on the gas transport market.

Since its launch last February the platform is continuously evolving to respond to market needs and currently covers Europes nine most significant market areas. The latest developments such as a download module and API service will be presented at Eworld in Essen from Feb 5 to 7 (stand 418 in hall 2).

To benefit from appygas, customers can register at and sign up to a free trial.

Watch the appygas video:

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