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You vs. Debt: A Financial Education for Controlling Your Money & Debt


Financial education is essential for becoming financially savvy in the corporate rat race. With a little homework and financial literacy,you are in a better position of managing your business finances. While you may consider yourself a smart business owner, a few financial tips and tricks can help you get the best out of your business. The following are some ways to help you understand financial management better. Learn to control your money and debt with the following simple tips. Read on.

Track your Spending
One of the easiest and most effective ways to control your money and budget efficiently is to track where and how much you spend. You do not need any smart gadgets to do it. Just a pen and notebook and you will suddenly find yourself in more control of your finances. Identify and record each and every dollar you utilize for your business in a day, for a week or a month. Don’t avoid or ignore any expenses, it will only make things more confusing for you.

Calculate them on a daily or weekly basis and pinpoint the areas where you believe you can easily cut down. Also highlight areas where cutting down on expenses is impossible. This will help you set priorities and make you conscious enough to mitigate risks. .

You have several online platforms to help you with this.

Financial Reports for the Family
Even though majority of your income comes from your business, it can easily be wasted on unnecessary items. This includes home expenses. Create a family financial report where you and other family members will track your financial progress on a semi-annually or monthly basis. This is a smart trick which will further encourage you to cut down on expenses by seeing others save more and more each month. It will certainly go a long way preventing additional debt from accumulating especially if your business is struggling to maintain its finances.

Credit Cards
If you financially independent, it’s very tempting to buy anything and everything that catches your eye. Be a little more responsible towards you credit card spending. Many entrepreneurs forget that they have to pay back the amount they are spending, together with a high percentage of interest. While it is very easy as well as tempting to purchase things you couldn’t afford before a credit card, do not forget the high-interest rates you must add to the original amount before returning the money back. While a credit card is a convenient option, especially in case of emergencies, do not forget that you are paying much more than the original price of the item. You can also consider using an online credit card calculator until you are debt free or until your business comes out of the red.
Set a goal to pay off your credit card debt obligation in full every month. And until you are in a position to do so, limit your credit card usage.

If you haven’t decided on it yet, start your journey to credit card relief.

Set Up a Repayment Plan
Operating an entire establishment is not easy so it’s understandable why some entrepreneurs shove their debt obligations under the veritable rug. But, that won’t make them go away; your business might go belly up as well. To avoid that scenario, develop a repayment plan and follow it strictly. It becomes even more important to set up a plan when you are surrounded by multiple debt obligations, such as, credit card debt, car finance, human resources etc.

Repayment plans that include paying off debt in full every month will give you a better control over your debts. You will be in a better position to take care of your interest payments and soon you will find yourself free from all debt obligations. However, developing a professional financial plan is a must. The key is to pay off your highest interest debt first.

If you aren’t able to come up with an effective plan yourself, research online or seek assistance from professionals.

Keep a Track of your Lenders and Seek Negotiation
Know how much you owe and to whom. Keeping a list of lenders, owed money and full repayment amount in hand will help you manage your finances better. As far as negotiations are concerned, you might face a little difficulty with banks, but make the most out of the flexibility of private lenders. Even if you are sure it wouldn’t help, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

All debts are not bad but it pays to get rid of them as quickly as possible if you don’t want your business to suffer down the line. As a rule of thumb, maintain a professional financial plan each month and stick to it to reduce costs and increase profits.

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Celina recommends her audience to seek assistance from Consolidated Credit as she writes to educate them how managing their money and debt with a little financial literacy makes everything a lot more easy.




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