A newly refreshed top bar sees the app undergo fundamental change

Yolt, the smart thinking money app owned by ING, has refreshed its top bar to allow users to see the sum of all their balances across their accounts. The implementation of this ‘total balance’ tool is based on popular feedback from the app’s users.

Previously, the app held three pieces of information in the top bar – a customer’s ‘smart balance’, ‘payday count down’ and ‘left to spend’ tools. To simplify the app and make the information more digestible for users, the top bar will now focus solely on showing users their total balance.

This latest addition is entirely customisable, allowing users to select which accounts they wish to be included. It is also a lot smaller than the previous top bar, taking up less screen space which means users are able to access their personalised insights much faster.

Users can still access a ‘left to spend’ insight in the app to view their spending targets and any upcoming predicted debits; they are now also able to set their own nominated end of the month.

Frank Jan Risseeuw, CEO, Yolt, said:

“Our users are the most important part of Yolt, which is why their feedback is so important to us. They told us they wanted a simplified top bar so this is exactly what we have provided.

“At Yolt, we appreciate that no two people are the same. This is why this new customisable tool caters for all users, even those with multiple payday cycles. We want everyone to benefit from the smart insights that Yolt has to offer so that anyone can make their life that little bit easier by unthinking money.”

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