With the launch of WorldSIM Infinity, WorldSIM’s network now encompasses 50 million Wi-Fi hotspots and 600 mobile networks in 200 countries.

WorldSIM,is now the most connected network in the world.  Known for their roaming solutions, today WorldSIM announced the launch of WorldSIM Infinity; a combination of worldwide mobile and WiFi, with users having a multitude of connectivity options across the globe.

Through WorldSIM’s innovative roaming solutions, travellers can already get the widest mobile data coverage atlowestrates with over (600 operators in 200 countries). WorldSIM Infinity goes even further by combing mobile coverage with over 50 million WiFi hotspots globally. Now even the heaviest data userscan be catered for without breaking the bank.

WorldSIM CEO, Arif Reza reported “The insatiable demand for data, driven by increasing amounts of smart devices and endless apps, has transformed the mobile world and made continuous connectivity more crucial than ever before. Travellersin particular don’t want to come off the grid, even when they are at 30,000 feet” said Arif Reza, CEO of WorldSIM. “Our solution means users can go from their home to nearly every country in theworld and remain connected affordably without sacrificing productivity or altering their mobile behaviour. Best of all they can now do it with no extra costs”

With over 1 billion international trips a year and growing, WorldSIMInfinity is ready to empower todays modern traveller, keeping themconnectedaffordably across the globe – even when they are in-flight.

WorldSIMInfinitygives users seamless connectivity when they roam internationally, regardless of whether it’sWiFi or mobile. Travellers can always connect fastest network at the lowest cost. Usersare able to continue to make and receive calls irrespective of whether they are connected to WiFi or mobile, always benefiting from the best combination of speed, coverage and cost.

Whilst on the WorldSIMWiFInetwork, users will also have the reassurance that all their data is secured through encryption, unlike when they connect through most free WiFi hotspots.

Reza continued“WorldSIM Infinity offers a single one-stop solution to roaming, enabling customers to connect easily and cost-efficiently wherever they are in the world.”

WorldSIM’s Infinityis available to both leisure and business travellers. It can also be white labelled and integrated into existing MNO and MVNO Services aswell as OTT Applications.

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