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Predicts wealth sector will increase in value by roughly 8% and M&A deals in the industry will rise by about 40% over the next five years

BizEquity, the world’s leading online provider of business valuation knowledge and big data announced it has put a $1.7 billion valuation on the top100 US private wealth management firms and predicts that the wealth management industry will increase in value by around 8% and M&A transactions will likely rise by around 40% over the next five years.

The valuation results computed by BizEquity, using its patented BizEquity Valuation as a Service (VaaS tm) System, were based upon publicly available information from the CNBC top 100 list conducted by CNBC from the following domain:

logoBizEquity believes that driving the increasing valuation of the sector and fueling the market premiums put on wealth management firms is the dynamic nature of the industry revolving around new technology enabled platforms, which are aiding growth, and the rise of duel licensed registered investment advisors (RIAs).

These factors, together with the average age of leaders of many of these private wealth management firms, BizEquity believes will lead to an increase in overall M&A transactions in the sector by 40% over the next five years.

BizEquity also believes that the wealth management and insurance industry are becoming more and more tied together through the advent of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who sell insurance products.  This will lead to increased margin expansion and more diverse and protective revenue streams in independent wealth management firms despite the challenges presented by online providers of wealth management services, so called ROBO advisors.

Michael M. Carter, Founder and CEO of BizEquity, commented:

“Wealth Management firms and insurance companies have been using business valuation and performance knowledge as a new way to take care of their best clients and prospects, business owners.  We are proud to not only provide this service for them with our new advisor office platform made for advisors but to actually help them value their own firms as well to show the power of the BizEquity Big Data and Cloud based service.  The CNBC list is the pre-eminent list ranking the top 100 wealth advisors, we took the data available publicly on s and applied it to our patented engine for these powerful results.”

BizEquity is the world’s leading business valuation platform and online service.  To date we have valued over 29.4 million businesses including over 46,200 Wealth Management Firms.

The actual firm rankings and valuations can be found at:

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