Thanks to the amazing support of over 3,000 donors and volunteers in 2015, High Water Women provided 18,500 school backpacks to children in need in the NYC / CT / NJ areas.WITH YOUR SUPPORT,THOUSANDS OF LOW-INCOME CHILDREN WILL GET A BACKPACK WITH SCHOOL SUPPLIES IN 2016!

In 2016, our goal is to raise $500,000 to provide new fully-supplied backpacks for 20,000 children. You and your company can help us achieve this.

Because of HWW’s purchasing power, each $25 donation funds a fully-supplied backpack.

Backpacks for 400 children=    $10,000
Backpacks for 200 children=    $5,000
Backpacks for 100 children=    $2500
Backpacks for 50 children=      $1250
Backpacks for 10 children=      $250

The families who receive HWW backpacks are not able to afford even the most basic school supplies, no less the $85 that a family would typically spend.

Early July is the DEADLINE for placing orders for backpacks and supplies, so we need your support today to reach our goal of 20,000 backpacks.

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Donate Now

The High Water Women Backpack Drive is a fantastic way to engage your company’s employees to help kids in need in our community:

  • Help us obtain a company donation or volunteer grant through your Company Foundation, Community Affairs or Corporate Social Responsibility Department.
  • Send volunteers to assemble backpacks at one of our Summer Assembly events or host your own.

We would be pleased to provide any additional information required for your company’s consideration.

To learn more about how the Backpack Drive helps children we invite you to view this short video.

Also visit our website: highwaterwomen.org or contact: [email protected]

We would truly appreciate your support,

Janice E. Abert

Chairwoman 2016 Backpack Drive

Member of the Board of High Water Women

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