Sasudi is urging small business owners to tackle stress head on by getting serious about a sales plan this summer.

Leigh Ashton - co founder of Sasudi
Leigh Ashton – co founder of Sasudi

As if the holiday season – and the slowdown in business it brings – isn’t bad enough, Christmas, another quiet period for many, is waiting just round the next corner.

In the past year, 12 million UK adults suffered from stress, anxiety or depression.* It can affect anyone in any industry sector.

However, by creating a solid sales plan with the help of Sasudi, you can plot a profitable path through what would otherwise be a frustrating and uncertain period. Sasudi helps you plan your finances, set achievable sales targets, develop your sales techniques and get motivated to take advantage of business opportunities.

 Sasudi’s five top sales planning tips

  1.  set your sales and marketing goals
  2.  define your milestones
  3.  schedule and commit to the specific actions that will get you there
  4.  have tools to get you back on track if you veer off course
  5.  celebrate your successes!

Leigh Ashton, co-founder of Sasudi, said: “Now is the time to plan for the summer and the months that follow. Your competitors will also be experiencing downtime, so get ahead by being ready when people are back from their holidays. A good sales plan aims high, yet is achievable. It sets interim targets and lets you measure your progress against your objectives. Sasudi.com shows how to write a sales plan bespoke to any business. More importantly, it provides the resources – including the learning, inspiration and community zones – to help every customer fulfil their sales plan.”

Sasudi.com is a revolutionary subscription-based platform that educates, mentors and supports small businesses in every aspect of sales. It will transform sales from something you fear into something you’ll enjoy, and empower you to make the most of every selling opportunity.

For more information, visit Sasudi.com.

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