There are a variety of loans that you can take out in Singapore. But when it comes to borrowing money, make sure that you know your options and their advantages for you.

Loan is an inevitable necessity. From education to urgent requirements, health to property purchases, personal requirements to business needs, almost every individual needs a loan at one point of their life or another. But before you go ahead and apply for a loan with a moneylender, make sure that you know the option that’s best for you. Here is a list of some of the major loans offered by different organizations, their benefits and usages.

Open Ended Loans

As the term suggests, these loans are open to the idea of borrowing over and over again. A perfect example of such a loan would be your credit card. While they have a limit on the amount you can use, they can be used over and over again once you make a payment. While these loans are great for simple shopping experience, they aren’t necessarily the best option if you need cash on urgent basis. This option shouldn’t be selected when you need a larger loan amount.

Close Ended Loans

Which loan is the Best for You
Which loan is the Best for You

They can be borrowed once. And they can be borrowed again, only if you have made the entire payment. These loans don’t have any credit. So, if you need money, you have to repay it and apply all over again. An example of such a loan would be a mortgage loan, a student loan or a foreigner loan.

Conventional & Unconventional

Conventional loans usually feature a part payment structure, where the borrower needs to make monthly installments. Examples of the same could include a home loan, a mortgage loan or student loans. Such loans shall only be taken when the amount is either too high or cannot be repaid all at once. On the other hand, unconventional roles follow a simple short-term structure. They are supposed to be paid all at once (the date is usually decided after a discussion between moneylender and the borrower). The loan can be repaid before the due date, without any penalties. Examples of such loans include payday loans, which are short-term advances paid once the borrower has received her/his paycheck.

Which One Should You Choose?

As mentioned earlier, a credit card or an open ended loan might not be the perfect choice for emergencies and greater amounts. Therefore, these are the loans that you must avoid, especially if you tend to go overboard with your budget. A close-ended loan is a simple solution for your loaning needs. Whether you want a personal loan, a loan as a foreigner or for your property, you can easily choose a close-ended loan which fits your need.

If you are one of those who wishes to get over the hassles of repaying for months or years, then unconventional loans are perfect for you. Personal loan or foreigner loan  is available with one time repayment to ensure fuss free lending and repayment.

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