Horseback rider and banker shares challenges of life, even in a simpler time

Paul Shovlin, a country boy who grew up in the modest Irish countryside, never thought he’d meet Prince Charles or receive an invitation to the Queen’s Garden Party.

Growing up in a modest three-room cottage in the Irish countryside, Shovlin’s education came courtesy of his emigrant aunt. For the rest of his life, Shovlin used this as motivation to ascend from their humble beginnings to the top of the international banking and business world.

When Push Comes to Shov
When Push Comes to Shov

In “When Push Came to Shov”, Shovlin marks his journey by his time as a horseback rider and firsthand accounts of historical events in the banking sector. His travels are well documented, including his work as a conductor on the London Red Bus network.

A decorated businessman in Ireland, Shovlin celebrates in his memoir a life of good fortune. His efforts to take Barclays Ireland to the heights of success as CEO were inspiring and his philanthropy and undying loyalty to his country provide a unique landscape.

“I have been many places in my travels but nothing can compare to the beauty of Ireland,” said Shovlin. “I feel I owe it to my community to give back to the place my journey began”.

“When Push Comes to Shov”
By Paul Shovlin

Paul Shovlin is a retired banker, CEO and horseback rider. He is the former president of the Donegal Association in Dublin and a former board member of the Irish Bankers Federation. The author enjoys golfing and singing in his spare time. Shovlin and his wife Mary have one child and two grandchildren and reside in Dublin.

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