What Is A Hostel?

A hostel is an inexpensive accommodation for travelers and is shared by many of them. When a stay is booked in a hostel, the whole room is not occupied by the traveller, only a bed is allocated. Usually, people who work or study outside the city they live in opt for a hostel facility, where the accommodation and expense is shared by the inmates of the place.  This is best suited for students or low-wage earners as they need to check on their expense and save money.

In a hostel, the number of people sharing the room varies depending on the size of the room. The other facilities in the hostel like the bathroom and the kitchen are also shared. A bathroom will be similar to a dorm with a large stall of showers and sinks, the only disadvantage is that there is a lack of privacy when compared to the same in a hotel room.

The last decade has seen a lot of changes in the way hostels function and it offers many amenities that were missing earlier. This is the reason why hostels have become a great alternative to hotels. There are many luxury hostels that have come up to cater to the emerging trends. It is especially a hit among millennials who travel alone but like to socialize and make new friends who hail from different cultural backgrounds.

Advantages of a Hostel
Inexpensive: If you are an avid traveller, then a hostel is a great option as you can travel cheaply all over the world. The prices are way lesser when compared to staying in a hotel.
Great option when travelling in large groups: You can share a single room with your gang of friends and have a fun group vacation without having to shell out a lot of money for individual rooms.
Available in major cities across the world: Hostels are found in most major cities in the world other than America where it is not easy to find one.
Cook your Own Food: You can cook your food in the fully equipped kitchen which is found in most hostels and save money. A free bit simple breakfast is also provided by many hostels.
Meet people: Hostels are a great place to meet people from various part of the world. So you can expect to hear some exciting stories and share some of your own.
Secure: There are lockers available to secure your belongings and for personal safety, there are strict rules in place.

Types of Hostels

There are two categories of hostels, they are:
Youth hostels: These are mainly for students or for young adults and is mostly run by charitable institutions.
Backpacker’s hostel: These are targeted for backpackers and is run by individuals or private companies. It is considered as an alternative for an inexpensive stay with dorm beds and bathroom.

The essential thing to know is that hostels are not hotels. As a user of the hostel facilities, you should treat it like your home and follow the basic rules that you would do at home. If you are using the kitchen, ensure that you clean up after you are done. Make sure not to hog the bathroom as someone else might be waiting for their turn. It is a place meant to make new friends and have fun, you may also get a lot of travel tips, so don’t shy away from people.

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