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What every company needs to know about the future of Social Media Marketing



What every company needs to know about the future of Social Media Marketing

Looking into the future of social media marketing for businesses and picking the right trends, that will pay off down the line does not require a hot line to the divine or even help from the occult. Instead you can easily utilize trends and data that exist currently and chart the future of social media marketing with good accuracy. Then you can put plans into place at the start of 2019 to take advantage of trends, while a review process at the end of the year can be used to tweak the plan to perform better. So without much further ado, let’s look at the future of social media marketing trends for businesses.

Generating Leads through Listening on Social Media

Businesses are quickly coming to the conclusion, that many posts that the average person creates about products and services on social media sites are untagged. This scenario therefore has resulted in the increased need for trawling through social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and using the search option to find mentions of products. Teams dealing with social media marketing are then providing information to people searching for information about products and services and converting untagged mentions into leads and ultimately sales. Social media websites are increasingly taking advantage of untagged mentions to create buckets of leads which are provided to aligned businesses.

The Rise of Smart Algorithms

As algorithms that govern search engine rankings continue to improve, weed out spam and other useless content more effectively, social media marketers will need to create attention grabbing content. Creating such engaging social media content will therefore require a new set of rules. Also the content will have to be geared towards encouraging the visitor to start a conversation about a product or service. These smarter algorithms will in the future force businesses to stop using tactics and content that is essentially click bait. Instead businesses will have to build strong content, to reach out to visitors and keep them engaged for the duration they are on a social media account.

Increasing Relevance of Niche Influencers

Simply hiring a celebrity or a fashion model with millions of followers is no longer a safe bet or even the most profitable option when it comes to influencer marketing. Trends in influencer driven marketing campaigns, point towards several smaller niche players packing a bigger punch than a celebrity with millions of followers. A big reason for this emergence of smaller influencers is that they often have a “personal” link to their followers and interact more often with them. As a result content that the influencer posts to the right target audience aligned with a brand will bring in more leads and customers. Additionally as these niche influencers can be hired at lower costs compared to celebrities, businesses will not have to overshoot their social media marketing budget to generate high quality leads.

Growing Popularity of Videos

The popularity of videos continues to show that content that is visually appealing and crafted cleverly conveys a message to customers much faster than text. The recent years has also seen that around 50-60 percent of all content viewed online is video based. With popularity of videos growing in social media sites such as Instagram businesses are creating more of them. Such videos created by businesses are available to visitors who are not even signed into their accounts, and are instead just browsing through various social media accounts.

Original Content Will Reign Over All Else

Whether it is in the form of text, video or photos, original content is quickly winning the war against that which is duplicated. High quality original content provides better ranking to social media posts on sites such as Facebook, and encourages visitors to stay instead of navigating to more interesting accounts.

Marketing through Transient Content

Marketing via Instagram stories, that are essentially short videos that disappear within 24 hours is rising fast in popularity. Easy to create and post on social media accounts stories have spread from Snapchat to Instagram and even Facebook. Users require very little time to view such stories, and process the information that they convey. Also as most social media users check stories everyday they can quickly take advantage of information in them to avail off deals on products.

Once you are on the road towards building and operating a successful social media marketing strategy for a business, you will quickly understand that new trends keep emerging. In spite of ever changing trends, finding and adopting those that will bring your company more success in the future is not rocket science.

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