What Does Cc Mean? Know The Perks of it Too!

Back in 1800, when Pellegrino Turri first invented a Carbon paper, it the business world that was mostly benefitted. A carbon copy was the most important part of each accounting or messaging purpose. The term Carbon in sending emails first came into the limelight   1979 when copies drafted using typewriter it was passed through a carbon paper, a special sheet of inked paper. It was to duplicate one more type’s sheet into two copies. This process was then repeated for as many copies required.

The same concept when brought to an email, the way of sending emails got highly enhanced. Carbon copy is a way of sending copies of an email to more than one recipients. This saved a lot of time! Particularly at times when all the employees are to be sent any important announcement or circulating your project to the heads of your company and many more. The Cc option just below the ‘To’ bar allows you to send a particular email and enter the email address other than that mentioned in ’To’. Often called as courtesy copy, Cc can be an effective tool at times of any business emergency.

Suppose a manager has to send an announcement of something important that needs to be done at the earliest. He just needs to type the letter and gives the address ‘To’ to priory send the message to the supervisor and then to all the employees.

The blind carbon copy

The benefits of sending a message to multiple numbers of account holders are many. But what just comes under the address bar for Cc, the benefit of Bcc or Blind carbon in emailing is yet another competent feature.  Blind Carbon Copy or Bcc allows you to send emails to the people added in the Bcc section without letting the person addressed at ‘To’ know about it. It is an attribute of Cc function in emailing that keeps the recipients mentioned under Bcc blind from the ‘To’ address. 

The benefits of Blind copying in emails include,

Controversially the best benefits that lie with the Bcc feature is invisibility of addresses of other recipients when received a mail under Bcc. This allows the sender to maintain the privacy of the receivers. At times of forwarding an email, the addresses mentioned at the ‘to’ field and Cc fields are also forwarded to the receiver. However, in case of the anonymity of the people mentioned under the ‘to’ and ‘C’ columns are kept.

The reply all feature that is mostly used for the emails sent using ‘to’ and Cc features is not present for Bcc recipients. The recipients under Bcc cannot reply to all the people in the group. The best benefit of putting confidential emails and private receivers through Bcc adds up in terms of safety and security of email hacking or junking. As the email addresses are not mentioned to a Bcc receiver becomes impossible for spam messages of viruses to invade.

After the coming of Cc feature in the email moth ethical and unethical things started to happen. It became easier for the hackers and account breaches. Copying or duplicating data saves a lot amount of time and workload allowing the sender to focus on networks as well. Making life simpler in the digital platform, more features and safety protocols are yet to be added email’s carbon copy feature. So, till then it’s better to send the new policies of your company to the employees in just a click or submit the science project to all the professors getting them either in Cc or Bcc.

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