VRBex, a Financial-Services Firm for the Cryptocurrency Community, Signs Engagement Agreement with Entoro Capital

VRBex, the premier U.S.-based financial-services firm for the cryptocurrency community, has signed an engagement agreement with Entoro Capital to manage VRBex’s offering of up to $100 million in a preferred-equity security token offering (STO).

Effective May 30, 2018, Entoro will manage the share-sale process. Entoro, through relationships and contacts within the investment community, will advise and assist VRBex in raising capital and will assist in identifying and evaluating potential STO investors. The offering will be available for investment through various exemptions and regulations currently in effect in the United States, Canada and other jurisdictions around the world.

VRBex launched its pre-sale token offering on April 23 and is building a regulation-compliant financial services company for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies, security tokens and fiat currencies. The executive team has over 200 years combined experience in banking, institutional investing and regulatory compliance.

“This is a momentous shift in the digital-asset landscape, as it’s one of the first times a traditional investment bank has been retained to sell security tokens,” said Gene Grant, CEO of VRBex. “Our vision is to bring traditional investors into the cryptocurrency space. As such, Entoro is the perfect partner to introduce the VRBex investment to this class of investors who are seeking to diversify their investment exposure with cryptocurrencies. The investment community has been extremely supportive of alternate financing vehicles, and VRBex looks forward to participating in this new and rapidly evolving investment process.”

“Preferred equity security tokens are a new form of investment,” added James C. Row, Managing Partner, at Entoro. “This partnership mixes the new, digital currency, and the old—in the form of traditional safety and security for investors.”

VRBex was founded with the mission to design and establish a safe, trusted, and robust financial-services company with capabilities including custody, trading, and payments associated with cryptocurrencies and security tokens, as well as the development of safe and credible digital-trading exchanges for cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

The offering proceeds will fund the regulatory compliant corporate structure and development of these digital platforms and related activities. VRBex plans to invest in the technology, processes, and controls required to construct business platforms that offer best-in-class service to its customers, encompassing robust, legal regulatory compliance, management with substantial financial-services experience, state-of-the-art cyber security and corporate best practices.

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