Vizolution has launched vChat, a new web chat capability for advisers or agents speaking to clients remotely.


vChat significantly enhances the concept of web chat, enabling the adviser to enhance a standard web chat conversation with images, electronic signatures, calculators and the delivery of files associated with the web chat text.

vChat therefore transforms normal webchat into a multimedia experience. The use of images will significantly enhance the customer’s experience and helps the adviser’s ability to explain complex issues and increase the customer’s understanding. All images can be approved by compliance prior to the conversation with the customer to ensure that the engagement is thoroughly compliant.

vChat has been developed for medium to large call centre environments where high customer traffic means that time savings, process efficiencies and higher levels of customer engagement offer significant advantages.


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An added bonus of vChat is that it also enables the adviser to send documents securely to the client and receive back items such as pay slips and bank statements instantly in a completely secure environment. It allows for electronic signatures so a customer can receive an application form or contract, sign it, and return it with qualifying documentation.

vChat is fully customisable and can be white labelled by banks and adviser firms. The whole vChat session is then captured for audit purposes. The audit trail includes all text, images and files shown to the customer, together with all customer responses and electronic signatures. This can be held securely for future review establishing robust compliance evidence.

Bill Safran CEO
Bill Safran CEO

One other key advantage of vChat is that it can be bolted on to existing systems and processes. It does not need input from an IT department and there is no need to alter existing infrastructure such as telephone systems. It takes very little bandwidth, so it can be implemented in a large contact centre without any need to improve connectivity.

Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution said, “vChat ensures the highest level of customer service and experience while providing a different method for the client to engage with an adviser remotely. Our trial results show improved first call resolution and a very positive experience for the customer. Current web chat solutions are extremely hampered by their ability to only show text messages which means that it is only appropriate for very basic communications, i.e. not financial services. vChat allows an adviser to use advanced multi-media to explain highly complex products/issues to the customer. The use of images, electronic signatures, calculators, secure file delivery/receipt means that the adviser can fully engage the customer and help them through to a completed transaction.

“From an organisation’s perspective, it is easy to implement as it does not require any IT involvement at all. It’s completely secure but sits on top of existing infrastructure so it requires no changes to IT or phone systems.”

vChat sreen
vChat sreen