Flash Hypervisor Software Delivers 96% Improvement in Application Performance

PernixData, the leader in virtualising server flash announced that Virtustream, the leading enterprise class cloud software and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, has selected PernixData FVP™ to scale-out storage performance for its cloud applications in a cost effective manner. By enabling both mission-critical legacy and web-scale applications to run efficiently in the cloud, PernixData FVP is helping Virtustream exceed customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs), while lowering the company’s support calls.

At any given time, Virtustream supports a mix of virtual workloads from hundreds of customers globally and it is critical that the company ensures consistent and reliable performance for all of its customers. PernixData FVP allows Virtustream to enhance the performance and lower the operational complexities associated with traditional storage systems.

Virtustream had looked at multiple solutions including adding flash capabilities to existing storage arrays but wanted a solution that would scale linearly as they added compute capacity. They were also assessing if the “flash in the SAN” approach would sufficiently help the performance of their virtualised applications.

The company decided to decouple storage performance from capacity using PernixData FVP software (with SanDisk flash hardware.)  With the combined solution in place, Virtustream is seeing the following results:

  • A 96 percent reduction in application latency during periods of peak usage
  • A 66 percent reduction in SAN utilisation, extending the life of that device
  • Instantaneous acceleration of system performance

“PernixData FVP delivers consistent and reliable performance at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, making it the ideal solution for Virtustream’s application hosting environment,” said Matt Theurer, Senior Vice President of Solutions Architecture at Virtustream. “I would have had to spend tens of thousands of dollars per month to get the storage performance I needed the traditional way. With PernixData, I am paying significantly less. In addition, integrating PernixData FVP with xStream allows customers to instantaneously accelerate system performance simply by clicking a mouse.  No data or storage migrations.”