Verifone announced today the wider regional availability of its VX 690 portable payment terminals, following a successful pilot at the Zurich Film Festival.

The festival, which takes place annually in autumn and attracts an audience of 85,000, needed a reliable and easy payments solution that would make ticket and merchandise selling fast, smooth and secure. Watch the video of the mobile VX 690 at Zurich Film Festival.

Zurich Film Festival, working with Verifone partner CCV Switzerland, selected the portable VX 690 because it offers safe, convenient and flexible payment options – whether the consumer is paying via card, contactless, or mobile wallets. Equipped with a powerful 3G and WiFi, the device prevents dropped transactions, which was very important to festival management. In addition, the VX 690 features two SIM card slots for different mobile operators, which prevents roaming costs in areas near national borders, essential for countries like Switzerland.

Ariane Schönbächler of Zurich Film Festival said: “Fast and convenient payments are core to ensuring festival visitors have a pleasant experience. Verifone’s devices were handy and their flexibility meant we were able to use them all over the festival area. They have a great battery life and delivered fast, reliable transactions, which is especially important during peak hours.”

Verifone’s local partner of 25 years, CCV Switzerland, is responsible for the product implementation and software and will be the exclusive reseller of the VX 690 to the Swiss market. Bernhard Lachenmeier, CEO of CCV Switzerland, commented: “As Verifone’s partner, we rely on the VX 690 because it exceeds expectations for a mobile payment device and is the best choice for our clients. Its modern design and interactive capabilities are attractive for the demanding and future-oriented Swiss retailer.”

June Felix, president of Verifone Europe said: “The Zurich Film Festival is famous all over the world. Verifone’s VX 690 provided the festival with the reliable and flexible payment solution they needed for their customers. We’re proud to work with our long-term partner of 25 years CCV to help this renowned and well-known entertainment event make cashless payments easier.”

In addition to Switzerland, the VX 690 is now available in Denmark, Norway and Australia.

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