Velosio to Promote Cloud Partner Programs at Microsoft Inspire Conference

Microsoft Indirect Cloud Solution Provider Distributor and Dynamics Master VAR will be highlighting programs enabling Microsoft partners to develop, sell, and deliver cloud business solutions.

Velosio, a leader in deploying business applications through the transformational cloud, is pleased to announce they will be participating as an exhibitor in booth 1507 at the Microsoft Inspire Conference to promote their Microsoft cloud distribution program, the Stratos Cloud Alliance (SCA), and their Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR program.

Formerly known as the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Inspire is Microsoft’s biggest partner event, bringing together more than 16,000 members of the Microsoft community from around the globe to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV from July 15-19.

The Microsoft Dynamics MasterVAR program is designed to provide support and assistance to Microsoft Dynamics partners who sell and service Microsoft’s traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software products; Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics NAV. Velosio maintains the largest and only active Microsoft Dynamics MasterVAR program in the US and is the exclusive Dynamics MasterVAR in Canada.

The SCA is one of a small group of Indirect Cloud Solution Providers Distributors authorized by Microsoft to provide provisioning and customer support and billing to Microsoft partners reselling Microsoft’s cloud solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure. The SCA was developed by Velosio as a unique partner specializing in business applications and focused on Dynamics 365, chosen by Microsoft based on over 30 years as a leader of leadership and innovation in Microsoft business solutions and pioneering of the Dynamics Master VAR program. SCA provides a turnkey program to help partners develop, market, and deliver Dynamics 365 solutions and services. With three flexible partner models designed to meet the needs of ERP and CRM resellers, Managed Service Providers, as well as Accounting and Consulting firms, SCA programs include dedicated teams designed to simplify onboarding and streamline the partner experience. The goal is to enable partners and their customers to realize business results faster and easier than alternative ICSP distribution programs.

“To remain relevant in the One Commercial Partner era, Microsoft partners must become modern by embracing the cloud and bringing to market vertical, differentiated solutions that provide business impact,” said James Bowman, Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer at Velosio. “To help partners make this challenging digital transformation, we created a business platform that connects clients, partners, technologies and subject matter experts into a community that shares similar opportunities and challenges. Our programs are designed to enable partners to join and benefit from that community in a variety of ways, so they can choose the model that make the most sense for their business.”

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