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Vegbred launches in UK; Kitchen table business uses sweet potato to shake up British Bakery



Avoidable customer churn costs British businesses £25 billion

Vegbred, a first of its kind bread made with fresh sweet potato has just launched in the UK, aiming to increase nationwide distribution.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this new-to-market bread uses only plant-based flours, making it naturally gluten free, veg-packed, nutritious and delicious; offering a long-anticipated lower carb and high protein alternative kitchen staple for everyone.

Founded by husband and wife team Jon and Kelly Barfoot in 2017, also known as the team behind the Boxxfresh success story, Vegbred was created to include as a healthy and tasty option in the weekly delivery service. Seeing a spike in demand for the veg-packed loaf and reflecting upon the changing British tastes for healthier bread alternatives[i], the duo set about bringing Vegbred to life.

With more people making a conscious effort to eat healthily and ethically, Vegbred addresses a currently under-fulfilled consumer need and is set to excite the nations tastebuds. With 96% of the British population buying bread and 31% of infrequent bread consumers switching to lower carb alternatives[ii] there is a gap in the market for a product like Vegbred. With Vegbred launching into a sector hungry for artisanal natural options, demand is set to soar.

Already having positive conversations with retailers, it won't be long before Vegbred becomes a household staple, with new product ideas already in the pipeline. Currently available nationwide through the subscription service; the team at Vegbred plan to ensure that every region of the UK will get access to their seeded sweet potato bread through retail stores within the next 18 months. With the sweet potato toast trend taking the internet by storm, the nation's love for the versatile, super-vegetable is ever-growing.

Jon Barfoot said: "We developed a product with everyone's dietary requirements in mind. Whether you are looking for free-from or a super-nutritious and healthier alternative, Vegbred is deliciously versatile. With carbohydrates coming from vegetables, not grains or wheat – you'll get slow-release and sustained energy throughout the day."

The versatile loaf is perfect for those who are environmentally conscious. Not only do the strictly plant-based ingredients make Vegbred completely free from animal products, but the surplus peel from the ethically sourced sweet potato also helps fuel its production, running on green energy produced from the leftovers. The fresh sweet potato itself is directly sourced from an Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) community farm in Senegal.

Lovingly handcrafted at the kitchen table, Vegbred was born of a confluence of ideas and foodie passion to create a delicious but super-healthy bread that all the family can enjoy, regardless of age or diet. Foodie Mum of three and plant-based advocate Kelly Barfoot said: "Vegbred is a result of two years of extensive trial baking with some of nature's finest ingredients – naturally gluten free, veg-packed and plant-based protein powered. We've seen huge demand for this type of product and are looking forward to enhancing distribution and making our fabulous loaf available to all. We are proud to offer a healthy alternative to one of the nation's favourite staple household foods."

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