Vector Media Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Influential To Help Advertisers “Tell Better Stories”

NEW YORK- Vector Media, an innovative media company specializing in large-format transit media, traditional Out-of-Home (OOH) media and the creation of interactive brand experiences, today announced a partnership with Influential, the premier AI social influencer technology powered by IBM’s Watson, to provide advertisers with a cutting-edge tool to help amplify Vector’s OOH and Experiential assets.

Through this partnership, Vector will become Influential’s strategic outdoor media provider. This will enable the company to incorporate data-backed social influencers into campaigns to amplify reach and drive contextually relevant messaging in connection with OOH and experiential activations. Vector’s clients will also benefit from AI-powered insights into consumers habits and interests to better inform planning, ideation and measurement against specific demographic and psychographic segments.

“Creative, ‘real world’ activation is a key element in generating organic social media buzz, and social buzz extends the life of OOH and experiential campaigns, so we see incredible synergies between Vector and Influential that will really benefit our clients” said Jim MacCurtain, Chief Strategy Officer of Vector Media. “As Vector continues to create groundbreaking opportunities to “Tell Better Stories” to consumers across the US, Influential will be an important component of our strategy”, said MacCurtain.

We are excited to be teaming up with Vector Media for this partnership,” said Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential. “As a leader in the Out-of-Home advertising space, their business and commitment to data and technology is a great complement to ours and we look forward to creating a new revenue stream for both companies.”
This is one of several announcements Vector has made in the past several months in relation to providing improved audience insights to its clients.

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