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Global Banking and Finance Review speaks to Brenda Kelly, Chief Market Strategist at IG about the recently launched IG Power Trading 50. A tool designed to follow industry views from forex, finance to journalist experts using the Twitter service. Brenda  advises on the benefits of using the service due to the collective expertise provided and the immediate information available to a time constricted trader.

Brenda Kelly,Chief Market Strategist at IG
Brenda Kelly, Chief Market Strategist at IG

Please explain to our readers briefly what IG Trading Power 50 is.

At IG we’ve long understood the importance of finding and sharing the most relevant and up-to-date trading information – especially when you’re on the go. The IG Trading Power 50 (#IGTP50) is a list of the most influential industry experts on Twitter and it is designed so that followers can see the most up-to-date trading information and stay on top of the latest market developments.

How did you go about choosing your contributors?

The IG Trading Power 50 features market practitioners, economic advisers, industry bodies, authors, award-winners and news breakers. Each member on the list were selected based on the size of their Twitter following, their posting frequency, the extent of their social influence and the depth and quality of insight provided. Of course, just like the markets commented on, the membership will inevitably evolve, adapt and expand over time.

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What are the major benefits of the site?

The IG Trading Power 50 list is designed to help consumers cut through the noise and make the most informed trading decisions possible by providing easy access to the latest information and analysis from the most influential tweeters out there.

How do you envision the service growing over the coming year?

Launched just over a month ago, the list has already been subscribed to by over 110 members, a mix of forex traders, radio presenters, finance experts and journalists. The list subscribers will naturally evolve with time and we envisage it as a tool to help our customers make better trading decisions based on the collective knowledge of select individuals and market commentators. We’ve already seen significant interest in the list something we hope that continues, particularly during busy trading peaks.

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