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USAVE announces ICO to build blockchain-based platform and create a fair gold ecosystem



USAVE announces ICO to build blockchain-based platform and create a fair gold ecosystem

USAVE has today announced an upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to power the development of its global, blockchain-based platform for the gold industry, designed to increase transparency and ensure the trade of responsibly sourced gold worldwide.

USAVE provides a disruptive alternative ecosystem for today’s gold production and distribution standards. It allows for an eco-responsible gold supply chain from miners with connected hardware which can record production through Blockchain technology for tracking and fair payments. In turn, this allows accessibility to physically traceable gold, allowing human transformation at mining communities.

Looking to raise a hard cap of $130M, with the pre-ICO sale set to go live on 17th September 2018.The ICO will help to develop the USAVE platform and create a new, secure production and trading process for eco-responsible gold.

The USAVE platform also utilises Blockchain technology to make a social and environmental impact. It guarantees a secure and traceable origin of ethical gold as it moves through the supply chain and is held in vaults by owners, giving all parties full transparency and traceability. Using Blockchain technology, the platform will be able to build an open system that will manage and record the chain of value of eco-responsible gold production. From the extraction to an exchange platform; it will ensure a simple and effective solution for all the parties involved through secure data and transactions.

“We’re thrilled to announce the  launch date of our Pre-ICO token sale. Our ICO will help to further develop the USAVE platform and secure and modernize the entire gold supply chain industry.

“By joining the USAVE ecosystem, gold exporting countries will benefit from a new level of security for their gold mines. They can also open up new business opportunities with the most prominent jewellery brands, or even major brands more generally concerned with their image, as well as those experiencing growing pressures from consumers for more ethical gold,” comments Selim Fendi, CEO and Co-Founder of USAVE.

The USAVE token will provide the instrument in binding the whole ecosystem, contributing to the continuous improvement of the physical gold market. The USAVE token will be used like a currency to advantageously purchase eco-responsible gold at every level of the ecosystem.

USAVE has partnered through its affiliated companies such as Aurum Monaco, a refinery which accept to refine only gold from sustainable supply chain supervised by TRANSPARENCE SA and powered by I5 Supply.

USAVE has partnered with the global leader Brinks in its security and operations logistics-related services, and Lloyd’s’ of London for its gold insurance coverage worldwide to help to implement its strategic vision in a private state of the art vault outside the banking system in the principality of Monaco.

USAVhas partnered with London-based company GMEX Group an exchange creator, to build the Monaco Gold Spot Exchange.

To find out more about USAVE, visit its blog here.

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