Your husband or boyfriend cheated on you? Any friend, relative, family, parent, colleague betrayed you in any way? Any teacher, boss, professor harassed you? Expose anonymously what they did to you and show their behavior to the world. Then you will warn others before they start a relationship with them. Unmask is the first, unique anonymous platform where any person can post or write anything about others without the fear of being punished as everything is 100% anonymous!

No one wants to go to a church, job or school where someone in a leadership position has a sketchy past. If a sexual deviant has moved to your local neighborhood, don’t you deserve the right to know? What if that deviant has a child fetish? Can you imagine yourself tempting fate in leaving your young son or daughter within arm’s reach of an ex-con? What if a former politician, convicted of corruption, suddenly decides to enter the business world? Can you picture yourself hiring that person in a managerial role for your company? Or even worst, in a financial role, where they’d have free rein to loot, steal, and embezzle hard-earned funds? Perhaps your soon-to-be future fiancĂ© has a secret past, a murder conviction, one or more domestic violence arrests, a history of alcohol abuse, drug trafficking, prostitution? While cloaked in a veil of secrecy, virtually anything is fair game? So, ask yourself this; would you really feel comfortable committing while still in the dark? Some may argue a right of privacy. We argue a right of protection. Unmask empowers users with the virtual tools they need to stay informed and warn others about the peoples behaviors.

If there’s an unreported crime that you’d like to report, support your evidence with video, audio, or text. If there’s a cause, crime, or offense you’d like to bring awareness to, send us any supporting documents you have – whether Word Doc, sound files, flash or mobile video, URL link, printout, clipping, press release – really, anything and everything that supports your claim. Once verified for authenticity through community voting, your story gets posted. So, what are you waiting for? Unmask the truth and let the world hear your voice. Allow the voice of truth to build a better tomorrow! http://www.unmask.wiki/

Unmask website is committed to provide a safe forum for global online users to share their story, anonymously, helping unmask fraud, crime, and truth, one tale at a time. Are you a whistle blower looking to blow the lid on a person cover-up? Has a former friend or loved one betrayed your trust? Share your story and let the world know. Unmask the truth today!

UNMASK.wiki the new social network that allows users to share and learn the truth about people from all over the world. Whether it’s a friend, teacher, work colleague, boss or significant other, UNMASK offers the ability to create profiles that reveal people’s true selves.