In an evolving business landscape where virtual interaction now takes precedence, Entrevo UK’s CEO, Darshana Ubl, is pioneering the importance of a return to human interaction in business, and last weekend successfully attempted a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the world’s largest business speed-networking event.

Cable at world record event Entrepreneur Brand Accelerator, Entrevo Ltd’s world renowned conference that hosted the challenge, welcomed Dale Murray CBE as seen on The Apprentice – You are Fired panel earlier this month, Daniel Priestley as well as 500 plus business owners and leaders.

Darshana certificateSmashing the previous world record held by Australia’s Institute of Management, Entrevo broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the “Most people attending a business speed-networking event”. With an outstanding participation of 487, the new record blew its previous standing of 475 out of contention.

Opened by Dr. Vince Cable, the event recognized the contribution made by local business owners to the wider economy and was dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business leaders equip themselves with the skills required for them to compete in today’s market through face-to-face conversation.

Speaking of the motivation behind the event, Darshana explained, “Face-to-face interactions helps build trust between business men and women and ensures problems are tackled efficiently, reducing ambiguity. We are passionate about helping businesses thrive which has the knock on effect of creating more jobs, contributing to society in terms of revenues for the economy.”

plaqueAs a business training and mentoring platform, Entrevo’s flagship Key Person of Influence Programme has seen a big uplift from established businesses fearing stagnation in growth. While technology continues to enhance our personal and business lives unquestionably, Darshana Ubl is passionate about the need for entrepreneurs to retain a focus on personal interaction and is delighted that the world’s largest speed networking event, is evidence that British entrepreneurs are committed to the art of conversation more than ever before.

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