With Article 50 due to be triggered on 29 March, Irish and UK political and business leaders are looking to a bright future

UK and Irish relations are stronger than ever, according to leading figures in the political and business world, speaking at a St. Patrick’s Day event in London.

Hosted by Enterprise Ireland, the government organisation which enables Irish businesses to achieve global ambition, the event celebrated the past, present and future success of Irish businesses’ trading position with the UK. 

Ireland is the UK’s main trading partner, and discussions at the event were framed by a business climate which sees trade between the UK and Ireland standing at €1bn per week, supporting over 200,000 jobs in each country.

Both Richard Bruton, Irish Minister for Skills and Education, and Kevin Sherry, Executive Director of Enterprise Ireland, delivered keynote speeches advocating a continuation of the strong relationship between UK and Ireland.

Speaking after the event, Executive Director of Enterprise Ireland, Kevin Sherry, said: “The UK continues to be Ireland’s main trading partner and Ireland’s third largest investor.  In light of Article 50, we are even more determined to uphold these strong trade relations and help Irish companies continue to deepen their collaboration with the UK”.

The event also provided a platform for two high-profile contract signings. Bolger Engineering, a world class deliverer of fabrication solutions, signed a £1 million contract with JCB. The two contracts accentuate a commitment from Enterprise Ireland to deepen Irish companies’ presence within the UK and embolden UK-Irish trade relations even further.

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