Two-way Strong Expeditiously Handles Dispute Resolution and Communication in Electronic Payments, Minimizing Error and Preventing Fraud

Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System, LLC (OASIS) has expanded its product line to offer mobile-to-mobile payment processing for consumers and merchants.

The Two-way Strong system provides a pure Internet-based financial solution to make secure and verifiable payments, locally and globally, with confidence. Edward Y. Uechi, owner and Technical Director, states:

“This system will widen our reach to serve just about everyone who buys and sells online and in retail stores. In keeping with the company’s social mission, Two-way Strong is particularly designed to strengthen the financial footing of low-income households.”

The Two-way Strong ( payment processing system offers the most direct route in sending a payment from a consumer to a merchant. It simplifies the process of authorizing a financial transaction by eliminating the need for routing through additional, third-party systems. The patent pending method for automatic notification messaging provides for two-way communication between the payer and the payee to ensure that the payment has been sent and received as intended and that any dispute can be resolved in a timely manner. Both the payer and the payee are kept informed through a series of notifications in their mobile smartphone or mobile tablet.

Other payment providers focus on the immediate product purchase. If an issue arises, the consumer can find it difficult to resolve their case with a customer service agent. This causes unnecessary delays, which may result in issuing a replacement card.

The Two-way Strong system doesn’t require the consumer to have a credit card. It manages a virtual identification card that can be rapidly deployed, activated, and revoked in a user’s mobile device. This software-based card binds one user account to one phone number in one computer, allowing a single person to use it for personal identification in general and payment submission in particular. The virtual ID card is automatically checked for validity against multiple factors when the user launches the software application and sends a payment. In the event of suspicious activity, the account holder is notified immediately and the system takes immediate action.

The merchant is provided with a complete software package to handle contactless payments. And the merchant will only have to pay one low transaction fee.

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