TruValue Labs™ announces major enhancements to its AI-Driven ESG Research Platform

Investment professionals can leverage powerful thematic search to explore an expanded dataset of over 100,000 sources

TruValue Labs, the pioneer in AI-driven environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, today announced unprecedented advancements to its ESG research platform.

The addition of powerful, real-time thematic search capabilities and expanded access to over 100,000 data sources will enable clients to surface ideas and themes across millions of content sources in mere split seconds. These enhancements will save investors significant time and drive new investment idea generation and risk mitigation activities by highlighting material ESG risks and opportunities over a wider range of information.

“TruValue Labs has exponentially increased the ESG data users can access from their research platform through the added capacity of thematic search,” said Witold Henisz, Deloitte & Touche Professor of Management, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. “The platform is an extremely helpful tool for analyzing the materiality of ESG factors, drawing on objective AI-driven data analyses from thousands of sources rather than relying on voluntary disclosure by covered companies alone.”

TruValue Labs’ Insight360™ platform is the first data and analytics service to utilize AI to automate and distill ESG-relevant information using the SASB™ (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board™) materiality framework.  Through the new thematic search capability, users can quickly explore important ESG themes and narrow the results by benchmarks, specific portfolios, sectors, industries or material categories defined by SASB. This expanded functionality allows managers and analysts to monitor and screen for trending themes in real-time in order to identify risk exposure and generate new investment ideas.

TruValue Labs’ Insight360’s search capabilities have been significantly amplified with the inclusion of tens of thousands of new content providers to the platform.  Analysts can further expand their access to premium news sources, local sources from around the globe and industry trade publications that will provide them with a broader and more clearly-focused view of ESG information that is most important to them.

“At TruValue Labs, we believe that the approach of using AI and sophisticated algorithms to help mine big data helps investors achieve better returns and avoid risks,” said Hendrik Bartel, CEO and co-founder of TruValue Labs. “We’ve streamlined the process of how our users identify the themes most important to them and further refine and filter their unique search criteria over a wide range of sources.”

“Investment firms of all sizes are acknowledging the importance of integrating ESG data into the investment process,” said Elena Philipova, global head of the ESG proposition for Thomson Reuters, Financial & Risk. “Our partnership with TruValue Labs is unique in the industry and our two data sets are highly complementary, which makes the combination of Eikon, our financial analysis desktop and mobile solution, with Insight360 a must-have for serious investment professionals. The recent enhancements announced today make ESG data more discoverable, delivering near real-time material signals and power users to make better informed investment decisions.”

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