“True performance, it is not merely to reach the top once but to remain at the top on a regular basis”

This is a professional credo of Paulo Pinto who is a visionary entrepreneur raised on the philosophy that hard work delivers results. He is an experienced, educated and confident individual whose method of approach is solid. Self-driven and independent. Open minded but not afraid to make decisions. His main focus is to build trust in the company, by allowing everybody to see what defines DIF Broker as a global broker company prioritising building trustworthy and loyal relationships to its customers. As COO of DIF Broker, he inspires and motivates all co-workers to a strong work ethic.

Founded in 1999 DIF Broker has become a global benchmark in computer managed investment portfolio models. DIF Broker is a premier provider of direct access trading with a mission to empower investors through technology and education.

DIF Broker is a provider of online investing services for self-directed investors, offering the convenience of trading multi-product and multi markets, setting a new standard in online investing; Globalization. It provides investors unprecedented access to the Global Markets with charts, breaking news and powerful portfolio management. Investors have ultimate control over which market and which instruments they initiate transactions and manage their portfolios.

Comprehensive Trading: With DIF Broker platform DIF Freedom investors can buy and sell stocks in 16 markets worldwide, buy and sell CFDs in 17 markets, buy and sell futures in 7 markets and trade forex all from the same platform and the same account.

Complete account Management: DIF Broker clients can through DIF Freedom review their holdings, balances margin requirements and outstanding orders online in one and unique account.

DIF Freedom order routing offers online trading covering the most important contracts in futures markets and Exchanges in Europe USA and Asia with CFDs and Forex.

Company’s operation model is based on the following observation.

True Performance
True Performance

Investors want to have control over their trading activities. They require total transparency and a direct access to the world’s stock markets. One account, 40 markets and multi currencies.

In 2014 DIF Broker confirmed again its superior performance for the 4th time in 4 years, by winning The Global Finance Award as the Best Online Broker Western Europe. Global Finance award winners are chosen by readership and are the only industry honours given on the basis of voter participation.