The market is brimming with rumors and myths about the financial sector. The worst part of the story is that most of the investor does take decisions and sometimes major financial decisions depending upon these myths and rumors. Some major myths about business and finance are:

  1. Overestimation of foreign markets. Indeed some investors have tendency to see greener valley overseas but the reality is that economic downturn has hit the major stock exchanges like NASDAQ and others as well.
  2. Insurance sector underestimation is another myth which must be removed. It not only provides security but also good returns after a span of time.
  3. Any IPO is a must buy. Initial Public offering in the stock markets are always overestimated and the reality is that not all are successful. One must go through a steady portfolio research before buying any kind of public offering and seek the advice of professionals.
  4. One must maintain a diverse stock market investment .It is a myth that some sector’s stocks should be in your portfolio and some should not be. This labeling should not be there and only performance based investment strategy should be applied.
  5. Gold is always in demand. As a matter of fact the volatile market has left nothing untouched including gold. The prices of gold fluctuate just as with other commodities like silver and copper.
  6. Now coming to the business ones some people believe that only their presence in the web market will draw huge traffic .This never happens unless you do take some formidable marketing.
  7. Never overestimate yourself. Remember in business you can learn from your competitor’s success and failure.