Every year thousands of students pick their prospective universities. While the universities themselves praise their academic achievements, student life is more than just academia. With that in mind, we look at what cities in the UK offer the all-round experience. Here are our Top 10 University Cities in the UK (Infographic).

Despite being the most expensive, London is the city most mentioned in all the surveys, appearing in all but two of the lists. There is no surprise on the presence of Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Liverpool as these are big metropolitan centres. One of Britain’s most renowned universities, there is nothing new about seeing Oxford in the list either. Interestingly, Cambridge has not made the list. But the real highlight is the presence of newcomers Newcastle and Loughborough. In the most northern part of England, the nightlife in Newcastle has put its name on the map internationally. While in the English midlands, Loughborough has not only steadily climbed up the League Table over the last few years, but it also seems to offer the perfect balance in between student satisfaction, sports and academics.

Ultimately, the choice of where to go will inevitably depend on the course you wish to study and what you deem important, but there is no denying that some universities have a stronger tradition and some cities are better equipped for student life. Whatever you are interested in, you just have to pick your poison. There is an university city in the UK waiting for you.

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