TMMI Enters Consumer Electronics Sector Announcing its New Generation Mini PC Home Entertainment Solutions

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TMM, Inc. (Pink Sheet: TMMI) (“TMMI” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce its new TMMI Mini PC™ and TMMI Mini PC X™ Home Entertainment Solutions bundled with its High Efficiency TRUDEF Video Player and TRUSCALE™ Upscaling for Windows 10-64.

More than simple video streaming boxes, the TMMI Mini PC and TMMI Mini PC X are small form factor computers sourced from leading OEM’s running full 4k Windows 10-64 desktops pre-loaded with the TRUDEF Video Player, supporting H.264, VP9, HEVC and poised for the future new AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) codec.

The TMMI Mini PC™ embedded Radeon™ RX Vega M GH graphics chip is well suited for its TRUDEF ™ Video Player and TRUSCALE™ upscaling and other features that improve the streaming video experience.

Eric Hernes, Chief Technology Officer stated, “Our new consumer electronics products are designed to showcase the superior quality of TMMI’s technology in highly desirable hardware products. This well positions our technology to adapt the processing into a variety of commercial video systems and continues TMMI’s focus on high quality video.”

TMMI currently has product testing underway with sales an e d marketing plans to follow. The Company anticipates its initial sales campaign beginning in the third quarter of 2018. For more product details see

Paul Healy, TMMI President and CEO, made today’s announcement stating, “The Company is excited to announce its expansion into consumer electronics products utilizing its technology to feature our technology with an exciting edge for the consumer who is seeking portability and a complete home solution in one device. Together with the commercial use of its technology, the Company is poised for dynamic change.”


TMMI TRUDEF Video Player with its patented TRUSCALE ™ hardware accelerated up-scaler as a bundled home entertainment solution branded as TMMI Mini PC™ and TMMI Mini PC X™ in small form factor Windows 10-64 computers

TMMI’s legacy technology: TRUDEF™ Fractal Video codec and its high efficiency TRUDEF™ Player developed primarily for cinema quality 4K playing directly from physical media

TMMI Patent Pending Scaling Suite: TRUPIX™, TRUSCALE™ and TRUZOOM™ – a patent pending, hardware accelerated, real time suite of video scaling solutions for the growing high-resolution market and multiple commercial applications as a value-added enhancement.

TMMI Advisory Board

A membership comprised of experts in a wide variety of fields:

Garrett Brown – Cinematographer, USPTO Inventors Hall of Fame, Oscar and Emmy award winning inventor of the Steadicam™, Skycam™, Swimcam™, and Divecam™.

Mung Chiang – PHD, EE Waterman winning Professor at Princeton University. Recipient of the Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in engineering, founder of Princeton’s EDGE Lab – connecting network theory with real world applications, investigating global bandwidth issues.

Hal Lipman – Emmy award winner, former executive NFL films.

Thomas Mackie – Lt. Col. USMC Reserve Pilot. Top Gun instructor. CEO of G-Force Leadership, market expert in digital cinema, cameras, sports and defense.

Ted Schilowitz – Co-founder of RED Digital Cinema, “cinemavangelist” to major Hollywood studio and cinema Technology Company.

Louis Siracusano – President Video Bank. A leading digital asset management firm serving defense, pro sports, education, and science.

Charles Wright – Founder and President of Fall River Investments, author and investment advisor.

For more information, visit The Company looks forward to hosting a investor conference call in the early fall, 2018 to provide a fulsome update following the launch of our initial sales campaign.

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