Time: Commercial freehold fund moves to daily dealing whilst fund manager receives coveted AAA rating

TIME Investments’ flagship long income PAIF, TIME: Commercial Freehold has moved to daily dealing,in response to adviser feedback. The fund, which offers investors the opportunity to access the only open ended long income property fund, has consistently delivered an annual income of over 4% plus capital growth.

The fund doubled in size in 2017 and now in its fifth year, it has seen its AUM grow to over £150 million.

This growth has been driven by investors increasingly looking for an investment providing “ballast” in uncertain times with secure income and low volatility of capital returns – two features offered by long income.

With traditional UK property funds significantly exposed to continued volatility caused by Brexit, advisers are increasingly looking to alternative investments for long term secure income to help make up the difference.Alternative property assets with long leases and strong covenants such as low service hotel chains, Premier Inn and Travelodge, in the right locations provide secure income, inflation linked rents and less volatile capital returns over the long-term.

Nigel Ashfield, fund manager of TIME:Commercial Freehold comments: “The move to daily dealing further enhances the liquidity of our fund, which is a key requirement for many advisers seeking income from alternative investments.

“Advisers are increasingly looking to diversify their allocation away from fixed income to property and other alternatives.  The assets held in TIME: Commercial Freehold have not only demonstrated a secure, predicable income stream but also a lower correlation with more volatile traditional commercial property asset classes, over a period that included the UK’s decision to leave the EU”.

“These characteristics are highly sought after in today’s economic climate and make them suitable for many types of investors, particularly those seeking a robust income stream and low volatility of capital values, such as individuals looking to supplement a pension or those looking to save for school fees.”

Citywire has just announced that TIME: Commercial Freehold fund manager, Nigel Ashfield, has been awarded the coveted Citywire AAA rating. Achieving the AAA rating puts him in the top 2.5% of the 16,000 fund managers that Citywire tracks globally.

David Lumley of London based Arena Wealth Management comments: “I have been a supporter of Nigel and his long income funds for many years now and I’m delighted to see his expertise recognised by Citywire. This triple AAA rating comes as no surprise as the performance of Nigel’s funds over the years has been outstanding. Long income is a popular sector with our clients and the TIME funds offer income security, inflation protection and lower volatility making them a good fit for many investors.”

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