ThunderSoft and InfinityAR Announce a Strategic Cooperation Offering an End-to-End Reference Design for AR Glasses Vendors

The cooperation enables AR vendors to launch SLAM-enabled AR Glasses in a shorter time to market and at reduced development costs

ThunderSoft, a world-leading intelligent platform technology provider, and InfinityAR, developer of the world’s most advanced augmented reality software engine for AR glasses, proudly announce today a strategic cooperation. As part of this cooperation, the two companies will jointly offer a comprehensive solution for AR OEMs/ODMs. This one-stop-shop solution will span from system design guidelines, SW/HW architecture, and integration, to high-level applications. This joint solution will help AR companies to lower development costs, shorten development cycles and promote rapid growth and commoditization of mobile AR.

AR glasses will be applied in a wide range of business applications such as manufacturing, educational and retailing.

The newly announced partnership between ThunderSoft and InfinityAR is designed to solving technical challenges, thus boosting the expansion of the AR industry.

As a leading and smart platform technology provider, ThunderSoft has an outstanding accumulative experience and technological innovation in smart operating systems. Its Thundersoft TurboX┬«AR software and hardware solution includes a system on module, operating system, algorithm, and SDK. InfinityAR’s proven technology converts AR glasses into powerful platforms of augmented content with the most accurate simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) solution, giving app developers the freedom to create unparalleled hybrid experiences.

Mr. Rock Yang, vice-president of ThunderSoft said, “The cooperation between InfinityAR and ThunderSoft holds crucial significance for the whole AR industry. The partnership provides the industry with the most advanced technical reference solution in the market; InfinityAR has developed a unique SALM technology based on off-the-shelf mobile SoC’s, affordable smartphone grade cameras and motion sensors. This is critical for the participation and investment from ODMs/OEMs and content developers, and this combination is what can drive the development of the AR industry.”

Mr. Motti Kushnir, CEO of InfinityAR said, “We are honored to be working with ThunderSoft, the enabler of operating systems and an expert in Internet-of-Things. Combining their abilities with our innovative and unique technology can really make a difference and impact the AR industry by helping ODMs/OEMs reduce R&D time and costs, and eventually make competitive products. We believe that by providing a one-stop solution via this partnership, we can lower the threshold of entering the industry and help more companies join the development and promotion of AR technology.”

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