• Signature™ range will now comprise of gold, silver and platinum bullion
  • Announcement comes as research reveals that 60% of Brits believe they don’t have enough money to consider investing
  • Signature™ investment starts at just £20 

The Royal Mint has today announced that it is expanding its Signature™ bullion range to a broader precious metals portfolio, including silver and platinum as well as gold. The new products will be available via The Royal Mint’s bullion trading platform at

This comes as research from The Royal Mint has found that sixty per cent of Britons regret not saving from an early age, and seventy-one per cent feel that investment is riskier than saving. Many admit the main reasons they don’t invest are not having enough money (60%), fear of losing money (43%), and not knowing enough about investing (40%).

With options for first-time investors, as well as experts in the precious metals market, and those looking to diversify their portfolio, Signature™ offers a range of investment opportunities starting at just £20.

Customers who invest in Signature™ will be purchasing a fraction of a physical gold, silver or platinum bar, stored securely at The Royal Mint. The Royal Mint bullion platform is extremely easy to use, offering a flexible, accessible and cost-effective way to access the precious metals market that allows customers to choose how much they invest, and how long for.

People have been placing their wealth in precious metals for centuries and they are recognised and valued across the world. For example, if you’d invested £10,000 in gold in 2007, it would now have a value of £28,000. That is a return of £18,000.[i]

Chris Howard, Director of Bullion for The Royal Mint, said: “The expansion of The Royal Mint Signature™range to include silver and platinum alongside gold offers even more choice for the public. With Signature™ available to anyone over the age of 16 and from as little as £20 people can start their investment plan early.”

David Crawford from the World Platinum Investment Council commented “We are thrilled to see that The Royal Mint has diversified its Signature™ range to include platinum, particularly as the offering is VAT free when purchased in this way through the Signature platform. Platinum is a precious metal that benefits from healthy demand and constrained supply and the Signature™ platform provides a great opportunity to open up platinum’s potential as a physical investment, providing the public a new and convenient way to purchase this rare and valuable metal.”

Opening an account with The Royal Mint bullion platform takes a matter of minutes, and investors will not be tied down to depositing thousands at once. With 24/7 access, users can trade their precious metals at the right time for them.

With each purchase, investors have full legal ownership of the precious metal, which is fully insured and held in The Royal Mint’s precious metal storage facility – one of the UK’s most secure sites, guarded 24/7 by trained security staff. With a 1,100-year heritage, The Royal Mint has a long and trusted history of expertise in precious metals.

[i]Approximate figures, based on historic gold prices. They do not take into account inflation or the deduction of any fees, including annual storage fees.

Metal2007 – Price per troy ounce2017 – Price per troy ounce

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