The inspirational Amanda Watts of TwentyTwo Agency Reveals the ‘One’ Vital Ingredient in any Successful Accountant Client Relationship 

Amanda Watts of the TwentyTwo Agency delivered one of the stand-out presentations in the Practice Progress Workshops at Accountex this year. Her inspirational style captivated the hundreds of accountants that managed to get a seat in her sessions as she demonstrated how marketing can be used to great effect to attract more clients and create more profit.

MyFirmsApp and Amanda share a lot of common ground and both passionately believe in the importance of building strong and supportive relationships with clients. In this clip Amanda tells Dan Richards of MyFirmsApp how 70% of any sale is made before the very first phone call and she reveals the core ingredient of any client relationship.

“Having an App deepens that relationship by being where your clients are, whether it’s on their mobiles or being able to send messages directly to their phones. Delivering advice and being more accessible is all part of building that trust. Accountants are not on their phones as much as their clients and this is part of the problem. They have to be present in their clients’ daily lives on an App.”

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