Who are they?

tegile logo
tegile logo

Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of flash driven enterprise storage arrays that balance performance, capacity, features and price for virtualisation, file services and database applications. An energetic start-up, Tegile is already growing into a competitor to be reckoned with despite only formally entering the arena in February 2012.  With Tegile’s Zebi line of hybrid storage arrays, the company is redefining the traditional approach to storage by providing a family of arrays that is significantly faster than all hard disk-based arrays and significantly less expensive than all solid-state disk-based arrays.

Who do they supply?
Tegile’s global customer base is diverse with hundreds of Tegile Zebi storage arrays deployed in the financial services, manufacturing, government, legal, healthcare and transportation industry sectors. Those customers typically work with Tegile for virtualized server, virtualized desktop (VDI), file services and database environments as well as for replicated storage.  Although headquartered in the US, Tegile is quickly expanding across EMEA with customer wins such as the top Irish airline, Aer Lingus.  Aer Lingus chose Tegile’s Zebi HA2800 for the versatility afforded by two pools of storage, with different Raid levels, on the same array.  High performance and massive capacity were also appealing to the airline. Tegile could offer de-duplication and compression on its array which made the solution stand out from competitive offerings.

Tegile Bezel
Tegile Bezel

Where did they start?
Tegile is led by a seasoned team of industry leaders who are fully committed to the philosophy of ‘customer first’.  At launch Tegile had 56 customers and has since grown to more than 300 customers. Sales and revenues have also jumped from doubling every two quarters to doubling every quarter.  This success is no surprise given that Tegile’s CEO, Rohit Kshetrapal, has previously led a number of start-ups to profitability such as the Network Admission Control company, Perfigo, which was acquired by Cisco Systems.

Tegile is built on the premise of efficient capital utilization and in August 2013 the business closed its Round C funding which equated to $35 million. The completion of this “scaling round” brings Tegile’s total capital raised to $47.5 million and allows the company to rapidly accelerate the expansion of its proven technology and successful go-to-market strategy by utilising the capital raised to further strengthen its sales and customer support efforts.

How do they fair against competitors?
Tegile’s patented metadata acceleration allows in-line data reduction technologies such as deduplication and compression to be used in high performance, low latency environments.  This architecture shifts deduplication and compression into performance boosters as opposed to a drag on performance as is true with legacy systems.

The unified nature of the Tegile’s arrays set the company apart from its main competitors who are Nimble Storage and Tintri.  Tegile’s Zebi arrays support Fibre Channel and iSCSI block protocols and both NFS and CIFS file protocols are available for NAS environments. Competitors don’t offer this. For example, Nimble only supports iSCSI for blocks and Tintri only support NFS for NAS.

Why should you buy?
Tegile’s Zebi array has uniquely realized the holy grail of storage – high performance, high capacity and high reliability at low cost.  Led by an experienced team, the company is already soaring to success in the face of their competitors and, with the new funding, Tegile will now be able to accelerate their product and technology development to pull ahead and expand their customer base.

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