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TeamViewer/Jyske Bank CASE STUDY



Jyske Bank

By supplementing phone-based support with an intuitive and highly secure remote PC access facility, the major Danish bank is able to resolve log-in and performance issues more promptly for customers of its Netbank online banking serviceJyske Bank

As Denmark’s second largest bank, Jyske Bank A/S is continuously striving to provide a differentiated, value-added experience for its customers. Adapting to its evolving needs means being prepared to embrace the latest customer service channels. Today some 70-80% of clients actively use the bank’s online service, Jyske Netbank, to manage their accounts – numbering hundreds of thousands of people.

Challenge: Minimising Customer-Specific Technical Issues with Online Banking Services
Ensuring that customers enjoy a consistent, reliable and high-quality online experience is vital to the success of this important channel. To this end Jyske Bank has an extensive team of 30-40 people dedicated to supporting online customers, across four different departments. Just one of these departments has logs detailing 8,000 support files built up over a period of three years. Extrapolate that figure across four departments, and this makes for a considerable workload.

Initially Jyske Bank supported its Netbank customers by telephone. If they were having problems setting up an online account, logging in or completing transactions, the support team would ask them questions to help trace the source of the issue before guiding them through remedial action. This process was time consuming and relied on the customer’s ability to explain the problem clearly, and to act upon the support team’s instructions. Miscommunication could result in delayed resolution and customer frustration, interrupting the flow of transactions and reflecting negatively on the bank’s brand.

Solution: TeamViewer Allows Bank to Take Control, Alleviating Customer Stress
With volumes of Internet customers growing at an accelerating pace, Jyske Bank decided it needed a more efficient and reliable way of supporting its online account holders remotely.

Four years ago, the bank was introduced to TeamViewer, a specialist remote access tool which enables support personnel to securely log into customers’ PCs or other access devices and complete diagnostics and fixes by remote control.

Knud Albrechtsen, Jyske Bank’s IT administrator, with responsibility for all of the bank’s workstations and servers, explains the appeal of TeamViewer over alternative solutions: “It’s very easy to get the user started – you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to install it, and it’s intuitive for both the customer and our support people. It also works across a range of different platforms – not just Windows but also Mac and Linux – which is important as we’re dealing with a very broad market.”

Most importantly, however, the system is highly secure – and traceable – so neither the bank nor its customers need to worry about sessions being hacked, or unauthorised remote access sessions taking place. “We are able to log the sessions which is important for legal purposes, as it means we can show exactly when we were logged on to their system and what we did. This protects us, and gives the customer total peace of mind, says Ms Albrechtsen. “These records are crucial, in case a customer ever complains.”

TeamViewer Success Fires Bank’s Imagination, Prompting Additional Use Internally
As a result of using TeamViewer Jyske Bank is able to support its online customers swiftly , efficiently and completely securely, heightening their experience of the Netbank service and smoothing the flow of transactions.

Calls that previously might have taken a significant amount of time to resolve using a painstaking series of questions and answers between the client and support staff have now been replaced with quick-fix remote access sessions, involving little or no input from the customer. Customer confidence in, and satisfaction with, the online channel have increased as a result, to a point today where up to 80% of Jyske Bank’s customers actively use the Netbank service.

The support team are effusive in their praise of TeamViewer and its impact on their ability to serve customers more efficiently. One comments, “We use TeamViewer all the time. It helps numerous customers each day, both to mitigate trivial problems and for more cryptic technical challenges at the customer’s end – problems where we might otherwise have given up, or spent much more time on it than we do now.”

Another adds, “After three years’ experience in Internet banking support without the use of TeamViewer, and now three months of experience with it, it’s my opinion that it makes a huge difference to the quality of customer support. Many customers find it very difficult to explain the problem they are experiencing, with the result that it can take a very long time to help the customer. With TeamViewer we can often identify the problem right away, and try out a range of possible solutions if necessary – something that would have been very hard to do previously.”

From the bank’s perspective, in addition to exceeding customers’ expectations and boosting its brand perception, it is now able to service more customers in a fraction of the time, boosting internal productivity and efficiency. “TeamViewer is a vital tool for managing our online channel,” says Albrechtsen. “We absolutely couldn’t do what we do without it.”

Jyske Bank is so impressed with the simple efficiency and transformative impact of TeamViewer that it is now looking at additional ways it can harness the technology internally. In particular the IT team has put in a special request to TeamViewer for additional functionality that will allow them to install and monitor servers remotely across the bank’s numerous locations, without risk of the activity being seen publicly over the Internet. “We want to be able to see what’s going on, but without anyone being logged on,” Albrechtsen explains. “The alternative solution, Netop, which we use currently, is very expensive.”

“Something that has particularly impressed us about TeamViewer is that they’re willing to listen to this kind of request and take it to their developers,” he concludes. “We await the results with great interest.”










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