Teachur – Aigo.ai Partnership Combines Powerful Educational Platform With Hyper-Personalized AI Assistant to Help Students Earn a College Degree for About $1,000

Aigo’s artificial intelligence technology will help Teachur create an on-demand tutor providing students across the globe the ultimate in access to high quality education at a fraction of the cost.

Teachur and Aigo.ai announced their new strategic partnership today to build the next generation of educational technology and degree programs.

By combining the powerful Teachur platform with Aigo’s revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) engine, this partnership promises to radically increase access to high quality education and put hyper-personalized AI assistants in the hands of students everywhere.

Teachur is a full-fledged, state-registered (Utah) university where anyone in the world can earn a full U.S. bachelor’s degree for about $1,000. Teachur boasts a world-wide student body with enrolled students from Canada, Mexico, China, Zambia, and more. Designed around delineating, and verifying mastery of specific learning outcomes, Teachur not only offers more rigorous assessment of mastery than most traditional colleges, it offers a granular structure around which Aigo’s dynamic AI engine can demonstrate its capabilities.

“Right out of the gate, Aigo’s cognitive architecture will help students navigate the Teachur website in a personalized way,” says Aigo CEO, Peter Voss. “Soon, Aigo will be able to conduct assessments and evaluate student responses; and eventually, Aigo will be able to provide instruction tailored to each specific student. With the ability to encode things like standards alignment and quality into coursework as it is published, both students and curriculum creators will instantly benefit. This fundamentally challenges the dynamics, power structures, and opportunities for education.”


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Teachur Co-Founder Ben Blair shares, “Teachur’s mission is to make quality education accessible to everyone on earth no matter where they are, how much time they have, or what path they are following. Our platform is built to incentivize and compensate creators and curators of quality instructional resources and grant degrees based on competency rather than time spent in courses. Adding Aigo’s cognitive architecture is the final piece in creating a new educational model where anyone can earn a quality degree for a reasonable price.”

This Teachur – Aigo partnership represents an alternative approach to higher education that is accessible, rigorous – based on democratized curriculum development and verification of mastery – and truly personalized to individual students. It is a dramatic shot across the bow of outdated models of teaching and learning, and a harbinger of exciting possibilities for the future of education.