TAM Group signs $200 million deal with international advisor VFS

VFS International has formed a strategic partnership with the TAM Group and is seeking to transfer $200m of assets to the award-winning specialist in discretionary fund management (DFM), headquartered in London’s financial district.

The partnership will see VFS coming together with the TAM Group’s international arm and its state of the art DFM service to set a new benchmark in wealth management for the offshore IFA industry.

It will be among the first offered by an offshore IFA operating to UK and EU standards.

The new deal brings TAM’s global expertise in discretionary fund management into VFS’s existing investment portfolios to support current fund performance, whilst providing VFS clients with a greater range of diverse investment solutions, at even lower cost, with a greater focus on client friendly investment transparency.

VFS Investment Director, Reena Hurkoo, says: “This partnership enables us to build on the success of the Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) by giving clients access to a far greater selection of funds, making our service more cost efficient and transparent. TAM’s online delivery and dealing system is superior in the market and will provide clients with round the clock access to their portfolios.”

Phillip Hadley, Managing Director at TAM International, says: “We are delighted to be in partnership with a company that is exceptionally client focused. VFS has seen an opportunity to improve its portfolio management and we are delighted to help it by joining its IAC and delivering our online proposition and execution of trades.”

The partnership also enables VFS to recruit advisers in new regions where high levels of transparency and rigorous regulatory adherence are standard.

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