Taliance develops and designs IT solutions for the real estate investment market. Its pioneering range of software and services are currently helping many of the real estate sector’s major players plan new developments, forecast future performances, ensure compliance with changing regulations and make informed decisions in real-time. In fact, it estimates that its tools are currently managing around €200 billion worth of assets for customers such as Grosvenor,


Bowfonds, Irish Live, Amundi Asset Management, Generali, Hammerson and AXA REIM.

Taliance Solutions


Used daily by hundreds of asset managers to make both strategic and tactical decisions, FinAsset can help to optimise portfolio and asset value from acquisition to sale, encompassing all aspects of the asset management lifecycle in the process. It provides a continuously updated vision of all real estate, financial and accounting information regardless of the physical location of the investments. It also helps by:

  • Centralising information from different sources
  • Developing business plans by asset, region, department and portfolio
  • Creating alternative scenarios and measuring performance
  • Building real-time portfolio simulations
  • Analysing indicators and results
  • Verifying the success of completed plans

Global Fund
Global Fund is the world’s first software to deliver instant and accurate reporting for stakeholders and comprehensive, real-time modelling and data management capabilities for fund and investment managers. It uses advanced technologies that surpass the capabilities of any spreadsheet programme and investment companies can use its power to build complex templates to calculate ratios, create stress tests or simulate product strategies for their customers. It also helps by:

  • Generating holding structure models for even the most complex fund
  • Monitoring the performance of each assets and making accurate forecasts
  • Integrating actual results with comparison against forecasts
  • Comparing the contribution of these vehicles to an investments’ performance
  • Analysing real-time information consolidation
  • Running strategic simulations at all levels (vehicle, fund, holding company, etc.), incorporating all fiscal and legal constraints
  • Generating standardised reports

Taliance is responsible for some major advances in real estate software. For example it:

  • Has introduced Global Fund Simulation Tools as a credible replacement for spreadsheets
  • Has brought to market the integration of asset management into IT systems
  • Has created a data protocol for legal and property data
  • Delivers open products adaptable to its clients’ environments
  • Has provided innovative solutions for the integration of data from diverse sources including property, legal, accounting and valuation data with software connectivity in advance of anything previously offered in the industry
  • Adopts flexible and client-focused implementation methodologies, resulting in successfully delivered on time projects

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