Mastering Psychological Marketing Is the Key to Online Success, Says Coorey, Author of “Feed a Starving Crowd”

SYDNEY Marketing Consultant ROBERT COOREY Shows Companies How To Double Their Business Without Advertising
SYDNEY Marketing Consultant ROBERT COOREY Shows Companies How To Double Their Business Without Advertising

Companies are wasting ridiculous amounts of money on advertising that is not measurable and doesn’t work.

“Companies can generate huge amounts of revenue online without needing to spend a fortune on advertising,” said Robert Coorey, MBA, a wildly successful marketer, keynote speaker and author of the new book, “Feed A Starving Crowd.”

“Most people say you can’t sell on social media. They’re wrong. I’ve got example after example of companies (including ones I’ve worked with) that are crushing it right now on Facebook and the other social networks,” said Coorey, Director of Global Business at E-Web Marketing, who consults with companies to improve their online profits.

To download a copy of the new social marketing book, that contains more than 200 of the latest marketing strategies, go to:

Social media marketing can be effective without spending any money on advertising at all. In his book, Coorey discusses hundreds of success stories that can be copied including:

  • How a “small time” promoter sells out high priced business events,
  • How an “unknown” author launched a bestselling book on Amazon
  • How a brand new e-commerce site completed a million dollar launch.

All these strategies were successful without spending a single cent on advertising.

Coorey is critical of the traditional approach to content marketing.

“The way most people do content marketing is completely wrong. Just posting content on your blog, or joining the conversation, are as likely to make you money as busking on the street, hat in hand. You may get a few sales here or there, but there is absolutely no chance you’ll be successful following this strategy,” says Coorey.

“Time and time again, the content marketing that I do for my clients make them a massive return on investment. One of my clients runs seminars, and in the last four weeks I generated over 5,000 leads using content marketing. This converts to a lot of sales,” he said.

“Another one of my clients is one of the world’s top health professionals. Last year, using content marketing, we had 7,991 people registered for a webinar and sold a huge amount of training courses on the back-end.”

Coorey recommends that businesses do content marketing using the following strategies:

1. Ask your assistant to look at all of the blogs in your industry, and put together a spreadsheet of the top 100 most engaged blog posts. Each line on the spreadsheet will have the post title, number of shares, likes, tweets and comments. Sort them by most engaged to least engaged. Now you have real-life evidence of what people like to read. Choose the topics that most resonate with your writing style, and write your own perspective on the subject.

2. Go to Amazon, and look up the top 100 books in your category. Look at the 3-star ratings (“one star and five stars are biased in my opinion”). You’ll notice that there are common complaints that people have with books in your industry. For example, in the Marketing category here’s what came up:

* Nothing particularly new here – just a solid revision of accepted success principles.

* No specific information, all general advice, it’s already been said elsewhere.

* It takes forever to get to the point, too much waffle.

* Doesn’t help you if you’re just starting out – only good if you’re already established.

* Not a “nuts and bolts” marketing book.

* No processes or steps to follow – doesn’t show you the how.

* Most info can be found online for free.

“What you then do is write your blog, report or book and address these concerns,” he said. “Learn from the mistakes of your predecessors.”

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