StableGuard Acquires Equine Machine Learning Company, Victory Parade

StableGuard is proud to announce the recent acquisition of the equine machine learning company, Victory Parade. Victory Parade’s mission was to improve health outcomes for equine athletes by utilizing the latest computer vision and machine learning techniques. StableGuard is excited to augment their platform with the state-of-the-art equine-specific software of Victory Parade.

Victory Parade CEO, Kyle Lampe will join the StableGuard team full-time as VP of Development.

Kyle’s software career started early, at the age of 16 interning at Microsoft. After receiving a degree in physics from Harvey Mudd College, he joined Microsoft full time, and eventually led a team of developers on Windows Mobile. Feeling the startup itch, he left to lead development teams at Zumobi and SnapIn (which was acquired by Nuance). Returning to Microsoft, Kyle’s worked as the lead developer on Kinect Sesame Street TV. He was also the lead developer for the Xbox video editing and sharing platform Upload Studio. Prior to starting his own venture with Victory Parade, Kyle worked with Microsoft’s Xbox One game streaming team. Kyle quotes, “I am incredibly excited to continue developing cutting-edge software for the equine industry with the StableGuard team. Alexa and the team at StableGuard share my goal of using computer vision and machine learning to improve the lives of equine athletes.”

StableGuard was founded by CEO Alexa Anthony in 2017. Alexa and the StableGuard team have made giant strides in advancing the equine technology industry. StableGuard’s specialized equine behavior software is trained specifically for performance horses. StableGuard seeks to improve horse and rider performance, by helping keep the animal healthy and injury-free. Specifically, StableGuard can reduce the impact of wellness related events through early detection of unusual behavior. Alexa quotes, “We are looking forward to incorporating the developments from Victory Parade into our platform. There will be some interesting new features our app can provide in the future, but I don’t want to share too much too soon.”

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