The innovative Tech Startup has completely redesigned its sqeeqee.com login page and introduced a background customization capability into the free online platform’s e-commerce shop.

Highly proactive tech startup Sqeeqee (pronounced “squeaky”) is at it once again. The innovative young company is bringing yet another set of brand new upgrades to its website and social commerce software platform. As the forward-looking company’s software, which came out of beta in July 2013, continues its seemingly perpetual evolution, the startup’s developers are focusing on enhanced usability as well as a more attractive look.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxAnmo4Q39s

New E-Commerce Shop Customization Options Empower Entrepreneurs

The Sqeeqee platform’s revamped e-commerce shop has come a long way from the plain, purely functional design with which it began. The new, improved Sqeeqee Shop offers users a number of new design options, including the following:

  • Choice of themes
  • Option to customize the Shop’s colors using one of 21 existing colors or any other color on the spectrum
  • Choice of transparent background patterns and seamless images
  • Selection of existing background images and videos
  • Option to upload an external video or background image or link to a video posted on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Sqeeqee.

Company founder and CEO, Jenny Ta, is excited about the new customization options, the company’s ongoing focus on enhancing the platform, and the myriad benefits business owners can derive from their free Sqeeqee membership. About the three interrelated points, Ta states the following:

“We have not stopped in terms of making Sqeeqee better. We’ve upgraded the Shop with personal customization so every user can truly make the Shop his or her own for business use. This means that small businesses no longer have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars creating a website only to add untold thousands more in marketing dollars to promote their website and sell their products. With Sqeeqee’s social commerce platform, everything is free, providing each user/entrepreneur with everything they need to make their business successful.”

VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZpbrlXs_-Y

Upgraded Login Page Accurately Reflects Sqeeqee’s Global E-Commerce Model

Aside from the new Shop customization options that Sqeeqee’s developers have added, the company has also upgraded the Sqeeqee login page. The new page presents a sleek, modernized, sophisticated version of its previous, purely utilitarian, page. In contrast to the older page’s more subdued color scheme, which was limited largely to white and gray, the new design fills the page with a richer spectrum of graduated color and dramatic shading that provides a more appropriate introduction to Sqeeqee’s unique concept of global social commerce. The best part is users get to see how the color changes daily, making each visits to the site more appealing.

An inviting page that welcomes visitors to create their free account so they can use it to “buy – sell – socialize – monetize – search,” the new Sqeeqee home/login page more accurately depicts the global nature of the startup’s e-commerce business model. By moving the stylized image of the world’s continents from the background to the foreground, the company has made the image — and the gold coins that symbolize global e-commerce — the central focus of the page.

FREE iOS APP: Sqeeqee.com Offers Free iOS App for iPhones and iPads

The Sqeeqee Social Networthing Concept that Sparks the Platform’s Continuous Upgrades

Jenny Ta has, in fact, described the concept that makes Sqeeqee unique in her July 2013 interview with In the News Talk Radio. Since this early interview, which took place just a week after the Sqeeqee platform came out of beta, the number of Sqeeqee features has grown considerably — and will continue to grow as the company becomes aware of new user needs and preferences — making the software more powerful than ever and the Sqeeqee website even more user-friendly than it already is.

FREE ANDROID APP: Sqeeqee.com Offers Free Android App for Mobile and Tablet

Sqeeqee’s tech team is just as excited as their CEO regarding the platform’s future possibilities. The company’s lead developer explains: “In addition to our new website upgrades, we’ve recently released a free Sqeeqee iOS app for iPhone and iPad and a free Sqeeqee app for Android mobile phones and tablets — two ways we’re responding to the needs of today’s users by making Sqeeqee even easier to access and more convenient to use.” As one of the creative minds behind the Sqeeqee technology, he promises even more great features for the platform in the days to come.

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