Alain Danan
Alain Danan

Tinubu Square, the leading expert in trade credit risk management solutions for trade credit insurers and businesses, has announced the appointment of Alain Danan as Group Marketing Director. This important appointment enables Tinubu Square to expand its global growth strategy, increase brand recognition and assist the company in building crucial new partnerships.

Tinubu Square has been escalating its presence internationally in recent years, introducing new and innovative approaches to trade credit risk management through the deployment of its software solutions in North America and Asia Pacific and in Europe. Alain Danan’s extensive experience will be instrumental in helping Tinubu Square to implement best practice and build a customer and partner eco-system to provide support for further expansion into new territories.

 Alain Danan brings a wealth of expertise to his new role, having climbed the marketing ladder at some of the worlds’ biggest and most influential software companies, including Microsoft, SAP, and Intershop. As Enterprise Marketing Director at Symantec he was responsible for building marketing campaigns that drove new business opportunities for the company’s extensive EMEA operation.

His strong technical knowledge and understanding of the international software industry will help Alain Danan to quickly grasp the requirements of Tinubu Square’s existing client base as well as identifying the right approach for attracting new customers.  One of his primary objectives is to build awareness for the business-focused solutions and services that Tinubu Square offers to receivables financing specialists, corporate organisations and credit insurers, and increase the company’s footprint in these three areas.

 Jerome Pezé, CEO of Tinubu Square said:  “It is a real bonus for the company that we were able to attract someone with the calibre of Alain Danan. His insight and proven ability to conceive and implement a strategic, international marketing programme is essential to the next stage in our growth.  Alain understands that we must make our presence felt in new territories and markets and to do that we must strengthen and create relationships with industry partners and influencers. He will be in control of that moving forward.”

“Tinubu Square is a leader in its field with a roster of influential customers. So it is very exciting to get involved and help the company take another major step towards the goal of accelerating its growth. This will be based on its strong geographical and industry footprint through building a creative and impactful marketing strategy, “commented Alain Danan.

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