A 24-hour turn-around provides organizations rapid threat proofing service for data protection and proof of server security.

SoftServe Inc., a leading global outsourced product and application development company, today announced it has rolled out a program to help businesses more rapidly eliminate the Heartbleed Bug, as well as provide organizations a 24-hour turn-around to validate compliance and server security.  This solution is key to help remove vulnerabilities the Heartbleed Bug can create in OpenSSL cryptographic software libraries.

“This year, users have already experienced large retail security breaches and the Heartbleed Bug wave is reaching further into business transactions,” said Alan Harlan, CEO of SoftServe Inc. “While there will always be security vulnerabilities emerging, SoftServe is dedicated to keep client information iron-clad secure and identify strategies to stay ahead of potential threats. Companies who want to fortify their systems can rely on SoftServe’s track record for delivering predictable and reliable results.”

SOFTSERVE Ensures Regulatory And Compliance Standards With Heartbleed Vulnerability Detection And Remediation Service
SOFTSERVE Ensures Regulatory And Compliance Standards With Heartbleed Vulnerability Detection And Remediation Service

Under normal conditions SSL/TLS provides communication security and privacy over the Internet for applications such as web, email, instant messaging (IM) and some virtual private networks (VPNs). However, a coding flaw allows the Heartbleed bug to steal information from remote servers and devices.

The 24-hour Heartbleed Remediation Service includes an impact assessment, a secured server and an official report from SoftServe`s Security Consulting Group. The report certifies that SoftServe’s DevOps and Security team has corrected and tested all servers for the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Also included:

  • Activities backlog
  • Security perimeter scan
  • Malware infection scan
  • Updated servers with the latest version of OpenSSL
  • Proof of updates on the application server

For organizations that may have been affected by Heartbleed, SoftServe offers an important two-step security remediation process which includes an Impact Assessment to assess what information was compromised and a Comprehensive Security and Damage Control strategy to determine the next steps to address security, privacy or regulatory concerns. Unlike other options, SoftServe does not charge for detecting if your servers were affected by Heartbleed. We can provide instructions on what scanners and tests to run for reliable results, or we can help your organization at no cost. Contact us today for more information!

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