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Smart Tech Tools That Can Transform Your Business

Smart Tech Tools That Can Transform Your Business
  • How the Amazon Echo’s functions can be utilised to improve the way businesses track data.
  • Are small business benefiting from automated systems to boost their customer experience?
  • Do smart lugs and smart lighting have the ability to reform how startups manage their energy output?

Founding, growing and managing a company takes a lot of perseverance and hard work. But, innovative technology and the Internet of things (IoT) are not only making companies more adaptable to market fluctuations, they’re also being used to improve businesses’ safety and security systems.

As technology continues to evolve, so do business models. New business owners today have an unprecedented opportunity to run their organisations more efficiently.

Looking at some of the biggest problems that new businesses face, QuoteMyEnergy have identified the ways entrepreneurs can utilise technology today to overcome them. These solutions included;

  • Tracking Analytical Data – Without analytical data, it’s nearly impossible for a small business to track and optimise operations. Using the Amazon Echo, allows you to draw real-time data from Google Analytics and stay on top of the day-to-day runnings.
  • Time Tracking – It’s essential that companies are able to break down how and where time is being spent. Toggle and Tick are both tracking softwares. Tick is popular with big projects that require you to manage a budget. Whereas, Toggle lets users log their offline time, syncs their data and can be used on Android and iOS.
  • Unexpected Energy Bills – Unforeseen energy bills can mean that your businesses finances are stretched. Installing smart tech like smart plugs or lighting, lets you monitor your energy consumption and also lets you control the flow of energy to your devices.
  • Storing Data – The way your business decides to store data is central to how you work in or around the workplace. Utilising cloud storage assures that you have access to all your files, anywhere. Whereas, a portable data storage unit like NAS system, provides you with large amount of data storage space and extra security.
  • Communication – “Communication helps relations” – for startups this can be easier said than done. For internal and client contact, using online communication apps and platforms like Slack or Skype can aid in regular communication to ensure colleagues are aware of news, updates and feedback.

Jasmine Hanson, Managing Director, from QuoteMyEnergy said: “As a business owner, your time should be spent on growing your business and managing employees as efficiently as possible – and shouldn’t be consumed by concerns on whether your transaction methods suit your demographic, unexpected energy bills, or physical or virtual security amongst other things. Used correctly these smart workplace technologies can help drive productivity, effectively manage the workplace, improve customer experience and boost security.”

We’re already seeing smart technology shape the way modern businesses are being run, we can only expect to see these smart technologies to continue to advance. It would be counterproductive to not utilise these tools to give your company the upper hand it needs to succeed. You can see all the small business problems and smart tech tools which can help here.


Though intense research into problems that small businesses face along with looking into smart devices that can prove useful to businesses and entrepreneurs. We created an infographic that can help people when they start their future business.

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