Small Business Advice Week signs up Royal Mail as an Official Partner

Small Business Advice Week returns for its 15th year

This week, Royal Mail has been announced as an official partner of 2018’s Small Business Advice Week.

The company will be speaking about the benefits of exporting and how doing so can help British businesses thrive in new markets.

With the future of global trading uncertain, small businesses need more guidance than ever when it comes to unchartered territory. Finding new avenues to market and export in will be key for continued economic growth.

Small Business Advice Week and Royal Mail will be featured across the media landscape, encouraging UK small businesses to explore the possibilities of exporting. Other key messages of 2018’s Small Business advice week will include a look at travel options open to business leaders, the importance of strong reliable cash flow and other key factors for business growth and long-term sustainability.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said: “SMEs form the backbone of the UK economy and it has never been more important to support their continued growth. Royal Mail is immensely proud to provide SME’s up and down the nation with the support they need to thrive. Being part of Small Business Advice Week 18 will give us an opportunity to interact with more companies and share our experience of getting the most out of export opportunities.”

Small Business Advice Week is in its fifteenth year, running from September 3rd to the 9th, and is continuing its aim of empowering UK small businesses to grow and drive the economy forward.

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