SIX Payment Services launches Saferpay for cruises – a unique service that makes passenger payment plain sailing for the cruise and ferry industry

Saferpay, the e-commerce solution from SIX Payment Services, now comes in a dedicated version that enables in-app mobile payment, embedded in the cruise or ferry company’s own app. The service allows passengers to book an excursion and pay for additional services whilst on board, all within the same app.

With this solution, SIX Payment Services specifically addresses the particular needs of the cruise and ferry industry which traditionally has struggled with the efficiency of on-board payments.

Roger Niederer, Head Merchant Services at SIX Payment Services says: “We are very proud to launch our unique payment solution for the cruise and ferry industry. On-board payment is a challenge for any cruise or ferry operator especially when the aim is to make sure passengers’ check-in and checkout experience is equally as smooth as the services on board. Operators benefit from the vast experience of SIX Payment Services through a streamlined operational process, saving personnel time and cost. And for passengers, we provide the smoothest customer journey available in the industry.”

SIX Payment Services offers a streamlined payment process, enhancing the passengers’ overall holiday experience with a seamless and secure completion of their orders. When passengers book their trip, they can store their card information and complete the pre-authorisation via the app prior to embarkation. This service relieves customers and cruise companies from cumbersome administration of credit card authorisations and allows for a speedy on-boarding and entertainment process. All major cards and currencies can be accepted.

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With Saferpay, SIX offers a customised and flexible e-commerce solution to help cruise and ferry companies provide the most convenient, smooth and secure online payment experience to all their passengers. SIX Payment Services currently offers Saferpay to cruise operators in the European market and will soon make it available in the US.