Shemer Katz of payments experts SafeCharge has these tips for online merchants to have a successful Black Friday. 

Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, the UK is expected to take £1.6bn in Black Friday sales this Friday. There were problems for online and offline retailers last year dealing with this surge in demand.  So what is needed to make black Friday an online retail success in the UK?

For a successful purchase, buyers need to be able to pay quickly, easily and securely and merchants need to know that the transactions are valid and make quick risk assessments to maximise transactions and minimise the risk of fraud.

Seven Top Tips for a successful online retail Black Friday:

  • Make sure your payment page is clear and easy to use – nothing worse than a customer spending time choosing goods, only to lose them at checkout
  • Offer a variety of card options. If one card doesn’t work then make it easy for the customer to use another
  • Offer alternative payment methods. For example local payment methods in different countries.
  • Solid background risk procedures so suspect transactions are spotted, fraud is minimised and routed out quickly
  • Offer easy currency conversion for cross-border transactions
  • Make refunds simple. Customers are more likely to make an impulse purchase if they know they can return the goods. Most of them won’t.
  • Make it easy for transactions to be completed quickly and securely and you will keep sales high and reduce chances of websites crashing and customers leaving before paying.

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