Sentronex today announces the expansion of its Disaster Recovery (DR) service offering through the acquisition of a new DR facility in Canary Wharf.

Sentronex Logo
Sentronex Logo

This strategic move sees Sentronex growing its DR platform by securing a spacious, recently refurbished, three-storey building in Canary Wharf. This will supply both new and existing London-based financial clients with alternative trading positions on a dedicated and contended basis.

By making use of modern technology and totally redesigning the site’s interior, Sentronex has been economical with space and as a result, can offer a more cost effective DR solution from Canary Wharf than was previously possible.

Alternative workspace is an important element to any regulated firm’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. Should a localised issue occur and a client be unable to access their offices, Sentronex will ensure that firm is up and running and trading again from an alternative location with minimal disruption to business. Sentronex delivers DR services that are built in line with FCA regulation and delivered to within strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Joe Sluys, CEO of Sentronex, says of the news, “Canary Wharf is an important, viable DR location and will be instrumental in amplifying the market presence of our brand.

Sentronex now offers close proximity, alternative workspace in Southwark as well as our second facility in Canary Wharf, answering client demand and offering each customer piece of mind and convenience as well as the option for a dual-site arrangement.

Having DR facilities in the south and east of London means Sentronex is better able to service the DR and business continuity needs and requirements of our clients.”

For more information about the DR services Sentronex offers, visit our website or to speak to one of our Consultants, call 020 7397 7400.

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