The Italian tax law firm Loconte& Partners starts its internationalisation process with the opening of the London office, based in Mayfair at 42, Berkeley Square, London, W1J5AW.

Senior associate Angela Cordasco is the appointed office managing partner and will be in charge of the development of the firm’s business in the UK.

Angela Cordasco gained relevant experience working for leading tax law firms before joining Loconte& Partners in 2014, where she advises mainly on international tax law and tax litigation matters.

“The decision to open an office in London aims at completing the offer of services provided by the firm” stated Stefano Loconte, founding managing partner of Loconte& Partners.

“The London office will have particularly focus on wealth management services and assist in operations between the UK and Italy. We believe that Brexit will generate interesting business opportunities for the firm and boost employment: companies and people who have already invested in the United Kingdom will now have to evaluate the fiscal and legal consequences of the referendum. At the same time, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union could stimulate new business opportunities: as EU laws on bail-in will not be applicable in the UK, the British banking system will be increasingly appealing for private clients. Angela Cordasco’s main responsibility is to act as the first point of contact for our clients and to further develop the London office, by expanding the client portfolio and secure new business opportunities” concluded Stefano Loconte.

Loconte& Partners’ Wealth Management team comprises 20 advisors, between lawyers and chartered accountants, specialised in national and international tax, wealth management and assets protection. It assists corporate and private clients, trustees and boards of private foundations in the preservation and growth of their wealth. The team members have extensive expertise and provide HNWIs with a full range of sophisticated legal and tax-related services on national, international and cross-border issues.

Founded in 1996, Loconte& Partners is an Italian tax law firm with offices in Milan, Rome, Bari, Padua and London. The firm employs 50 attorneys and tax advisors, five of whom are partners.